July 20, 2023-Bull Shoals

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Another good day. I slept a bit longer than Robby this morning, but when we did get up we started moving. Robby had gotten a notification on his phone that rain was coming, so he went to town putting everything (very little) up that was outside.

The kids all woke up so we soon were on the road. We went a slightly different way back which was quicker, but it was much curvier. Keaton and Sophia had to sit up front for a little bit. We did get back on the main road after town, so Robby missed his chance for a gas station.

He needed to stop for gas plus he needed to stop for a bathroom break. We had a bit more driving until there finally was a gas station which was much needed by then. The gas light was already on for the camper plus Robby was squirming in his seat.

We zoomed on down the road until we were almost home. Actually we were at the exit right before ours when a piece of weathering stripping came off the front of the camper and started flapping against the window. Robby pulled off the road and was able to push it back to where it belonged-now he has something to fix this week. There is always a camper project.

Keaton and Sophia were busy watching the last few episodes of Survivor while I worked on the camper. Robby was catching up on some work, so that just left me to quietly unload. Sometimes I really want help with unloading and putting away the camper, but sometimes it is nice to do it quietly and on my own time.

Sophia went home, and Robby helped clean the camper. We were able to do lots of laundry and pretty much get most things back in the camper. Plus I did take all of the food out since the camper is going to have a little bit of work next week. 

Tonight Robby and I had chicken dip for supper while Keaton had pasta, and Whitman had an air fryer pizza. Afterwards, there was a lot of sitting on the couch eating ice cream and watching tv.

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