July 5, 2023-All in One (Disney, Beach Camp, Seaside, and Dennie Family Trip)

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Since this is our last full day, we made it our busiest day. The morning started off with Whitman, Keaton, and I doing a tour at Epcot. While we went on the tour, Robby sat at a table and did some work (someone has to pay for our trip.)

We went to the Behind the Seeds tour in the Land Pavilion. Remember the Living with the Land boatride where you go through the greenhouses. We walked through those green houses learning all about everything. It was really neat.

We learned that they grow only about 1 percent of the food for Epcot with cucumbers being their main crop. We tried cucumber, which both kids tried. I am not a big cucumber eater so I couldn't really tell the difference, but they said these cucumbers had less seeds, thinner skin and a different taste because they were English cucumbers (possibly). 

We learned about the pest that they introduce into the greenhouses to stop other pests. It was some kind of wasp, but it was tiny-it kills the other pest by laying its eggs where the other eggs were. We fed the fish which was cool because they splashed us when they got their food. 

And on our way out, we were able to touch a Sensitive plant (that was its name). They called it Stanley, but when you touched the leaves, they wilted. It was super cool, and I want one for the house. Whitman said that he could sit there and play with it all day long.

That was all just in an hour. We then had ourselves a chocolate croissant along wtih a tiny little chocolate bundt cake. Then we went to ride Gaurdians. We had waited for about 10 minutes when they stopped the ride. They weren't making you leave, but we had our next activity booked so we did leave. On our way out, we were able to get a Lightening Lane pass to come back later in the day.

Our next stop was at the French Quarter. We signed up for a mosiac making class for Whitman and Keaton. It was two hours-they picked their shape (a Mickey and a Minnie). Then they laid out their glass pieces to arrange them. The next step was glueing those pieces onto the shape followed by smearing it with grout.

While we worked, they gave us beignets and water. Actually, since we just paid for 2 mosaics-we did just get two beinets so Robby had to go and get him and me one. Out table was a mess with glue, grout, and powdered sugar by the time that we had finished.

While the kids were working, it got dark and started thundering. We had put away quite a few things this morning, but the rug and tent still needed to dry so we had left it out. However, we didn't want it to get wet, and since we were right near the campground, Robby took off to put those things up. 

He said that in the front part of the campground it was raining, but it wasn't yet raining in the back. He was able to put everything away, and then came back to pick us up. That was a fun little art project. And tonight, we had to scrub all of the grout off all of the tiles. They had sent us some wipes to do it with, but we used half a container of our wipes as well. They really look good, and it was a lot of fun.

Afterwards, we came back to the camper where Keaton and I did some looping and pin trading. I ended up giving Whitman and Keaton five dollars to spend at the arcade. I figured since we have been spoiling them rotten the last few days, why stop now especially when that will all stop for sure on Friday when we get everyone.

Robby did a load of laundry, and as soon as that was dry we left. We decided that since we had 3 hours left for the parks to be open, we should hit 3 parks. We would have gone to Magic if we would have had time but didn't make it.

We started off at Animal Kingdom and rode Everest. That ride seems to be in the back of the park so it was a haul back to the car. On the way to Epcot, we stopped at McDonalds to pick up some hamburgers and nuggets to eat on the way. At Epcot we used the pass from earlier and zoomed right onto Gaurdians.

Then we hustled back to the car and hurried to Hollywood. We had about 14 minutes before the park closed when we scanned in. Keaton has taken over Anderson's job of walking incredibly fast in the front of our group. We had to keep up with her today, but she got them to Rock N Roller Coaster on time. 

They decided to ride single rider so I decided that I didn't like that ride enough to ride with a stranger so I opted out. I set at a table and listened to some of my book while waiting on the riders. When they finished, Robby and Whitman went to the car while Keaton did some last minute pin trading.

Back at the camper tonight, Keaton found 2 things out scavenger hunting while Whitman was in the shower. We asked him what took him so long in the shower, and he said that he was washing his eyelashes. Bless him! 

It is almost 11 so this is the earliest we have slowed down in quite a few days! We still have a bit of cleaning and packing to do tonight, but it is almost bedtime for this crew.

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