July 23, 2023

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  • I sat my alarm this morning for 7:30, but it didn't go off since I actually set it for 7:30 pm. Robby woke me up though so there was no panic this morning. I did have to work a bit this morning to get Whitman out of his bed. Anderson was already awake and dressed watching car racing this morning when I did go upstairs to start waking everyone up.
  • Sunday school and then big church. We have one more week of not having to teach Sunday school, so we once again enjoyed our break Sunday. I think that I might enjoy the hall class.
  • After church, we headed on to Nonna's house to begin Graham's birthday celebration week. We had grilled chicken along with homemade cake and ice cream. Then Graham opened up his presents-2 shirts that he ordered for himself along with some cash. He was perfectly happy with his gifts and even wore one of his new shirts tonight.
  • When we came home, everyone helped me with the laundry which just never seems to end. Then I read some of my books before taking a quick rest.
  • Sara came to pick up Keaton and Whitman to take them to their life group. They had a swimming party tonight to celebrate the end of summer. They encouraged the 4th, now 5th graders, Whitman's group, to be leaders and they also encouraged the 5th, now 6th graders, Keaton's group to also be leaders despite being now the youngest people in the youth group when they move up. They even read a Bible verse about this, but Whitman, even though he said that he was listening, could not remember much about it. 
  • While they were gone, the big 4 left a little bit later on their way to Rock Creek for church tonight. This is just Reagan's second time to go to Rock Creek's Sunday night. Afterwards, they headed to get ice cream which is what we are about to enjoy here as well.

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