July 16, 2023

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  • It was kind of nice this morning not having to get to Sunday school super early to set up our room. This month the teachers don't have to teach our kids' Sunday school classes. So we started off in the room helping, but then we sneaked on out to the hallway to chat during the rest of Sunday school.
  • Next was church, but then we headed to Grannymom's house for lunch. I was starving, and her Mexican casserole was really yummy. 
  • Then we headed home. Robby went to work on the yard and then getting the camper ready. And I wasn't as productive-I had a nap. However, I did wake up and clean the potties, vacuum, and work on getting some school ready. The high schoolers start school on August 8th, but I am really thinking about starting school for everyone July 31st. That just leaves me one free week after this next week. 
  • We had supper at the Wilson's house tonight. We stayed and chatted for a good while. It was nice to catch up since we had missed a few Sunday nights. 
  • When we came home, we straightened for a few minutes before watching on episode of our show.
  • Here is what all I know about the mission trip kids:
    • Campbell went to church this morning, but they had a lot of extra time so before church she bought herself an icee. Later in the day, she told me that her ear was better, but she was still taking medicine.
    • Anderson's group, which includes Reagan, led a Bible study this morning. Then they had lunch at a mall's food court.
    • I haven't heard from Reagan or Graham today. I did hear that Graham passed out flyers for their upcoming VBS.
    • Candace did call to tell me one story that happened today in Arlington. She said that she walked into the kitchen area and saw that there was some ice on the floor. She walked that way to help pick up the ice, and as she walked she slipped and started to fall. A man's hand grabbed her and caught her while asking "Are you all right?" She wasn't sure which man was nearby to catch her, but turned and saw that it was Anderson.

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