July 31, 2023-First Day of School 2023-2024

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  • Well, it was the first day of school, and don't tell anyone, but things went very smoothly. Reagan only has 2 tiny things to do for me, so she really slept through school today. Anderson basically just has English with me and 3 tiny things so he did the minimum. Graham does everything with me except for science, and well, he also did the minimum. I'm find with a gradual start that doesn't stress me out as long as everything is finished by Thursday this week.
  • Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman start their day off reading with me for almost an hour. They didn't seem to mind too much though I did have to continually call Keaton by name so I could make sure that she wasn't asleep because she was laying super still all cuddled up on my bed. 
  • Campbell has a load right now. She will finish some things which will make things easier for her, but right now it is a lot which is a lot of reading (back to that). She wasn't the last one finished today, but she did work almost until lunch. Keaton also had a lot, but she is doing her math right now so she was ahead today and always works hard. And Whitman, well, he just needs me to motivate him a little bit ("Do this," "Now, do this." "This is next.") He had a lot but was finished by 12:30 so that is a super win.
  • The rest of the afternoon was spent with me trying to do a few chores. Then it was time to head off for our adventure of the day. First Keaton, Campbell, and I went to Walmart to pick up a few things. Then we went to the main event-an eye appointment for Campbell.
  • She complained last week of not being able to see when she reads very well. Also she has had a few headaches lately. I called last week to get an appointment, and surprisingly they had one for today. I had thought that it would have been months.
  • Much to Campbell's disappointment she has an astigmatism, is far sighted, and there was something else that he said that I couldn't remember. None of these 3 things are very much, but combined he said that it would definitely make things difficult for her. It is something that contact wouldn't help, but glasses would.
  • She then picked out some glasses. The poor thing was so stressed about taking too long and getting the right pair. She even text Reagan to get her opinion. Campbell finally settled on some so they will be here in a few weeks-hopefully those will help with all the things!
  • We came home for a bit, then Robby and I ran to Grannymom's house for a minute before going back to Walmart. We needed milk and eggs that I couldn't get before the eye appointment. We picked up a few things and then came home.
  • Once we were home, Graham started icing his cake that he made this afternoon. I had just bought the icing. The boy said that he was going to make a cake because he didn't have one for his birthday. I think that he was kidding!
  • The kitchen is kind of clean so I think that a tv show is about to be turned on in the living room! Since we have to wake up early now for school, I think that we will just be able to watch one episode instead of our normal 3 or 4.

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