July 30, 2023

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  • Church morning this morning. The kids were fairly easy to wake up so we were there on time. I did have a moment of panic right before big church started because I wasn't sure if Reagan remembered that she was in the nursery this morning for worship care.
  • I quickly text her to check. I guess I did forget that she is almost grown and one of the most responsible Dennies. Seriously, how did they all grow up so quickly? After Graham's birthday, it is always my favorite time to tell people their ages-17, 16, 15-I love it when their ages are all so close. Though I really can't believe that at one time we had a 1, 2, and 3 year old.
  • After church, Robby picked up pizza while I ran in the store with some of the kids. We did some speed shopping. Reagan had asked for 2 things-kettle popcorn and rosemary, but we were unable to find either of those things. Thankfully, we were able to find the things that we needed though for supper tonight.
  • It was a quiet afternoon with Robby and I leaving first for supper and a Sunday school meeting at church. Then the others left for Rock Creek leaving just Whitman and Keaton at home. Keaton made good use of her time and did some more school work. She is currently in her bedroom doing her school work for tomorrow.
  • Robby and I returned home first, followed by all of the Wilsons, our kids, their kids and three extra kids. We fed everyone grilled cheese sandwiches along with pan fulls of Oreo delight. My kids would normally complain about grilled cheese, but no one said anything tonight-sandwiches are always more fun with friends.
  • The evening eventually ended which means that our official summer has also ended. Tomorrow starts school for this little Dennie crew. Wish us luck!

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