July 7, 2023-All in One (Disney, Beach Camp, Seaside, and Dennie Family Trip)

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Robby and I left the camper at 6:30ish this morning to go and pick up our campers. We arrived around 7:15, and it didn't take long to find the kiddos. We were able to see Tony and Shannon for a minute before the others started loading into busses, and we felt like we should get out of there.

The kids were pretty talkative on the way home. Everyone had a great time. Even though we weren't able to talk to them during the week, we did see them in pictures so I felt like we hadn't missed too much. Before too long at all, Campbell had a ton more pictures from her life group leader. And later in the day, Reagan downloaded all of the pictures that she had taken so I have even more pictures today.

When we arrive back to at the camper, Keaton, Whitman, and Bentley were still sleeping soundly. Of course we woke them up with all of our coming and going. The kids emptied their bags of laundry outside, and Robby and I started on that. It was only 3 loads of laundry so that wasn't too bad at all.

When it was done, I folded it, and everyone put away their clothes. The girls packed in suitcases, so they were moved to the car after they got a few things out. The boys packed in duffel bags so I found room for theirs in the camper. It has been a little bit of an adjustment doubling the number of people in the camper. We have managed though.

Graham was the first one asleep, Campbell was the next one out, and Reagan didn't last too much longer. Anderson was the only camper who didn't take a nap today. I even had a nap. Now, this being a much slower day than Keaton was used to, she was a little bit on the bored side! And maybe I should say, she was very bored.

We did go with her and Anderson this afternoon to drive around some. We even stopped at Del Taco for lunch before going into Goodwill. While we were there Anderson bought a flag, I bought a magnet toy for Whitman, and Keaton found a shirt.

This evening Robby picked up pizza from Hungry Howies. Some of us ate inside while others ate outside despite the slight sprinkle. Afterwards, we went drove to the nearest beach and walked on it for a little bit. The beach was super beautiful.

When we came back, we all sat outside for a little bit. The kids said that it wasn't this pleasant in the evenings while they were at camp, but it is really nice outside tonight.

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