July 12, 2023-All in One (Disney, Beach Camp, Seaside, and Dennie Family Trip)

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Robby, James, Virginia, Reagan, Anderson, Whitman and I started our morning out a bit before 9. (Campbell, Graham, and Keaton opted to stay here while Whitman was not given the choice. He doesn't prefer to do anything and could sit on his ipad all day long). We headed towards the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola.

The Blue Angels were practicing today so the traffic was pretty thick getting into the gate, but once we were there we breezed to the parking lot. We didn't realize that we were in the back of the parking lot and had a good walk to get to the practice area.

However, we eventually found a golf cart for Grandpa and a chair just in time. Originally, they were not sure if the Blue Angels would practice because of the heavy cloud cover. They did though, and it was pretty neat to see. 

Whitman wasn't too impressed; he said that he had seen the same thing at Disney. He had; however, the Blue Angels were much, much more impressive and the very light drizzle happening made it so much more pleasant. 

A few times during all of this, the announcer thought that they were going to have to stop because of the weather, but they continued doing things. As they came in for a landing, we started walking towards the museum. Reagan and Whitman followed the crowd to the museum while Anderson and I went to get the car.

We made it back to Robby, Grannymom, and Grandpa just as it was starting to pour. Robby drove around and was able to drop us off under a covered entrance so that worked out perfectly. We soon realized text weren't working so we figured that we would eventually find Whitman and Reagan.

A few minutes after this, they showed up completely drenched. They had gone in one section of the museum and then decided that they better come to the main museum to find us. They didn't have far to go, but it was absolutely pouring at this time. We had been standing together for about 2 minutes when the power at the museum did go off.

That was fun. Seriously, we made some memories. The building is designed wonderfully with sky lights so we were able to still walk around and see things. Whitman did want to go upstairs, but they did close it. We wondered around for a little bit but then decided that we should head back. The drive back was rainy, but back at the house they were not getting nearly as much rain as they did at the museum.

Keaton and Whitman had a big time today in the ocean. They were inside when we did come home because of the rain. Graham was also inside-we thought that his sunburn would really bother him, but I guess he is just that tough. This afternoon I went and sat on the beach some while Keaton, Campbell, and Reagan floated on some tubes.

The boys were all swimming in the pool when I came back to the house. After Whitman's jellyfish sting we were not able to convince him to get back in the ocean-maybe in September. We did a few loads of laundry today and tried to organize things a little bit.

Les and Shelley made supper tonight-gumbo and boudin egg rolls for supper. After all ate, the kids and some of us adults were in a volleyball tournament. This was the first time that they had played volleyball all week long, but they all really enjoyed it.

After the game, there was peach cobbler and ice cream. When Robby and I finished eating we headed to the camper with a car load of things to put away. It didn't take us long to put things up-we will have to go through everything when we get home, but the goal was to take enough stuff so that we only need one load tomorrow to get back to the camper and have enough room to comfortably ride home in the camper.

Reagan said tonight that this was a pretty perfect family trip, and I would agree.

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