October 10, 2023

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  • Reagan and Graham left super early this morning for their Bible study. Reagan did bring me back half of a slice of banana bread. I had a tiny piece and offered it to Whitman, but before he could get any, I ate it all-I was hungry or it was good.
  • By this time Anderson was already at school, and I was reading with Whitman, Keaton, and Campbell. We finished one library book today, and thankfully I don't have many to pick up tomorrow. 
  • Everyone then started on their school work-and there is just something about Tuesdays. The house is pretty quiet, and things just go smoothly. Now, Whitman still wasn't moving quickly today at all-it was after 1 when I finally made it around to working on his spelling with him. 
  • This afternoon I helped Reagan and Anderson with some school work, but we also took the little 3 to Defy for a little bit. On the way home, we picked up today's Taco Bell.
  • That fed 2 people for supper-and since three cars needed gas we headed to Kroger. Anderson drove and so did Robby and I. We then went to Costco to pick up some water, sweet potato fries for the kids and since we were there we went ahead and got just one pizza for our supper. 
  • Along with the pizza, tonight was an own your own night. I couldn't find anything that I really wanted, so I just ate some pizza and am looking forward to some ice cream later!

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