October 18, 2023

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  • I was pretty awake last night so it was fairly late before I went to sleep, but thankfully, today was not an early morning for us. Anderson and Graham were easier to wake up than everyone else this morning. Campbell and Keaton did come downstairs with me only going up there once, but it took two trips to get Whitman out of bed.
  • Campbell and Keaton made muffins after we read together. I think that everyone had one. Usually when Whitman eats breakfast, he is more awake while we are reading together so I was worried that if he didn't have breakfast then he would go back to sleep, but he did stay awake today-I guess he was just day dreaming about those muffins.
  • Graham and Reagan go to work at noon on Wednesdays so they can come home before Reagan has to go back for her Dgroup. When they left I was still working on school with Whitman, but after that I didn't have too much more to do today.
  • Well, I guess that isn't true-I was busy the whole day long-mostly pulling out the kids school for next week and the next plus gathering a few things to take on the trip for them to do. It can get a little bit complicated for sure. 
  • Soon we were headed to church tonight. Campbell, Keaton, and Graham all left early with Reagan so that just left Whitman, Anderson, and me going in the second car. I had gone to the library yesterday so I didn't have to go again this afternoon.
  • After church, some of the kids had pizza while I devoured some cheese dip. The big boys did some weight lifting in the garage-that has become their hang out area! I'm trying to now decide if I lay my head down for a quick nap or if I read some of my book.

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