October 12, 2023-Long Weekend at Maumelle Park

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First we will begin with those who weren't camping this week. Anderson's first class was cancelled so he went to class at the same time as Reagan and Graham. Anderson and Graham weren't there as long as Reagan, and on their way home, they stopped by Nonna and Pops' house for a little bit. They had quesadillas for lunch and helped Pops move a load of wood. 

Now, I am very glad that they had quesadillas. One busy day Graham came home from school asking if we could go to Nonna's house so she could make him a quesadilla. I told him no and offered to make him a quesadilla myself. He seemed not thrilled about that idea and chose something else for his lunch. 

Reagan came home much later, but ended her night working at church keeping kids. She has found out that she makes more there per hour than anywhere else, so she really tries to help now when she is asked. Keaton spent her day cooking-no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies, chicken nuggets, red lobster biscuits and mashed potatoes. 

And Campbell must have had a good day as well. We had her go and get a box that was delivered outside today. She asked if she could open it, and I told her that it was indeed hers-a computer. Robby has heard her having to wait for mine lately so when a good deal appeared he got her one. She was quick to set it up as soon as she opened the box.

Now for the camper: we slept in a little bit today. While Robby was computering, I was able to read a good bit. Whitman slept for the longest time this morning. When he did wake up, I asked him what he wanted to do today, and he suggested "nothing." So that is pretty much what we did.

Of course we took Bentley on a few walks. We really didn't go far-the weather was so dreary today. I usually love the cloudy weather, but not today. I just wanted the sun to come out. It felt so overcast, that I didn't want to do anything outside so we didn't.

Instead we went to Kroger to buy ingredients to make the no bake oatmeal cookies. We also stopped at Taco Bell to get our free tacos for the day. Then we came home to start baking. We had the same problem that Keaton had tonight-we followed the recipe but I guess we didn't let the mixture boil long enough because the cookies were super gooey. We still ate quite a few, but Robby was frustrated at our lack of cooking skills. (That feeling is nothing new to me!)

Thankfully, we did well on supper though-we made cheese dip which was delicious along with mozzarella sticks and fries. It was a snacky supper, but I think those are the best kinds. We stayed out and visited until after 10. Then it was one more short walk for Bentley before coming in and calling it a night. 

Actually, we didn't call it a night that quickly. Whitman had some ice cream and then some medicine-I think his allergies are bothering him. We washed some dishes, I chatted with some of the kids, and next I will take my shower.

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