October 31, 2023-Disney Season Pass Era Ends and Happy Halloween!

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First, let's talk about the one who truly is living their best life at Disney-Bentley. I am the one who mainly walks her at home, and Robby and I really do most of the taking her outside work. However, when we are here she is receiving attention constantly.

Robby and I take her on at least 2 walks a day while Campbell and Reagan do the same thing. Plus she usually goes to the dog park at least twice a day. Today, she had been so many times that she just laid down. Reagan said that someone suggested that she take her to the little dog section since they thought she was too scared to play. (She is often scared, but at Disney she is usually just exhausted.) We usually spend a lot more time outside while camping so she doesn't get to sleep as much during the day. And then finally, everyone loves taking her with them in the golf cart when we are looping around the other loops. (For example, tonight Graham had to pick those of us who were still getting candy up. He brought Bentley not even thinking about already having to squeeze 6 people on the golf cart and plus the dog.)

Today, of course, was also a big day for her. Not only did she wear her Halloween pajamas as we Trick or Treated, but at least 20 tables had dog treats as well. By the end of the evening, when the kids would go up to a table, she would sit down waiting on her treat. She does sleep so, so well on trips-Graham even tried to give her a new Halloween toy this evening, but she was so tired that she wouldn't even play with it.

This morning I woke up, and Robby was gone. I did notice that his box of fuses was out so that made me wonder what exactly had broken on the camper. I guess I wasn't too worried since I laid back down and picked up my phone-that is when I saw that he had answered someone's request for a specific fuse and was delivering it to them. He was doing his good deed since the folks in that Facebook group helped give him thoughts and recommendations when we needed it for our camper repair.

We didn't have too much time to be lazy this morning because our Tron group was called fairly early. We went over to Magic Kingdom and did that first thing. Then we debated riding Buzz, but Campbell decided the line was too long so instead we went on the Poeplemover while Robby stood in a line and bought Reagan a doughnut.

After the Peoplemover, we walked over to get some Dole Whip which was our first this trip. Then we rode Pirates one last time before leaving the park. I could have stayed all day long just walking around. As we were leaving, I turned around trying to get a last look at the castle and Main Street.

Back at the campsite, we unfortunately went to work. I told Robby that I would put up 5 things every so often. We didn't kill ourselves but it did take a bit to put everything away. Of course preparing to leave tonight was nothing in comparison than the earlier plan when we were going to have to get the camper towed and move to a house for at least two nights.

Robby bought everyone some fries to munch on this afternoon. Since we had to leave the golf cart overnight we tried not to use it too incredibly much today. Though getting a pokemon card was a necessity. Keaton did win a fall blanket today at one campsite, and Robby and Graham weren't quick enough to be able to get a bbq sandwich from one site. 

Supper tonight was at 5, and we bought pizza from Trail's End. It was fine, but it could have been cooked probably about 10 more minutes. We think that this was probably their busiest night of the year so our pizzas were rushed. The official Trick Or Treating began at 6 though my candy bucket had stayed out for a few days. I did switch to my Halloween size bucket which had to be refilled at least twice this evening. 

At 6, we all left the camper to walk a few loops. Everyone, even the big kids, had a bag with them. We walked our loop (100) and the one right next to ours (200). Then we crossed the street for loop 400. By now the kids bags were getting heavy, but they pressed on because we were nearing the full size candy bar spot on loop 300, but before we went there we walked loop 500. After these 5 loops, Anderson called it quits and headed back to the camper.

Then we walked a good ways to loop 1400 which is actually two loops. We cut off the last little bit of one of those, and took a short cut (or maybe it was a long cut) to a loop on the other side of the road (600). It ended at 700 so we had to do that one as well. During these last three loops Whitman was done. He didn't care anything about any more candy which was understandable since 8 loops is quite a ways.

We walked back to our camper and dropped off Bentley, Whitman, and Graham. We also grabbed us some water and sat down for a bit. Graham then drove us to the cloverleaf of loops (1600-1900) and dropped us off. And this was something to see. They had put cones in these loops where the golf carts had to drive through each loop. Also people were directing traffic. Some areas on these loops were golf carts as far as you could see. It was absolutely insane. It didn't take us long to realize that not bringing the golf cart on these loops was a great idea. It would take those people at least an hour to drive through all 4 loops. 

Of course seeing all of the people was a highlight, but quite a bit of their candy bowls had already been emptied, so the girls didn't get as much candy on these loops. However, the mariachi band (real live people) was something to see as well as the replica of the Haunted Mansion complete with people dressed up like the characters in the ride. 

We were getting tired by this time, but we had to press on. It was a haul to get to our next stop which was loop something or another (1100). This loop would be a great loop if you really wanted to feel like you were camping in the woods. (Our loop makes you feel like you are camping in the middle of Disney World-horse drawn carriages walk by, a segway tour goes behind you, the horns from the boats toot, children on the playground play, the Hoop De Doo Revue actors scream, and the Electric Water Parade blares every night)

Finally, we ended our night with loops 1200 and 1300-and we were dragging by this time! Graham met us back at the pool to pick us up and take us back to the camper. There were 4 loops that we did not do plus all of the cabin loops Keaton was the one the most interested in the candy-and she did well. She sorted her candy a bit ago. Her chocolate bag weighs at least 20 pounds and so does her non chocolate bag. I will have to have her weigh it when we get home.

When we did get back to the camper, Anderson had already taken his shower, and Reagan ran to take hers. Everyone else helped us put up the last few things and take down our Halloween decorations. Before 10 we were pulling out of the campsite. The boys dropped off the golf cart while I drove the car to the hook up spot. Then we pulled out of the campground and started our evening drive. 

We didn't have to leave tonight, but it will make today so much easier. We weren't sure just how crazy things were going to be tonight so leaving was a last minute call. There were some loops that were still so busy that we would not have been able to get the camper out. Our loop still had a few trick or treaters and one golf cart, but it was starting to slow down.

We are starting to have everyone brush their teeth, and after this gas stop it will be bedtime for all except Robby and I-we still have about an hour to drive.

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