October 27, 2023-Disney Season Pass Era Ends

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Let's see, I guess I will just document all of our repair work first on the blog. The repairman arrived around 3:47 this afternoon-I know it was that time since there happens to be one camera pointed in his direction. 

By the time that Robby and I made it home from Magic Kingdom, he had both tires off and had found the problem. Unfortunately, the problem was more than he thought that it was initially. When he took the wheels off to do the wheel seals, he discovered that the wheel bearing/bearings? had failed and pretty much broken to pieces. He said that this could have even caused a fire. 

He was able to do some work today, but for the big fix he needs a part (a wheel assembly) in Melbourne, Florida. Now of course he can drive the 90 minutes to go and get it which wouldn't be cheap, or Robby can. So who do you think is leaving around 6 in the morning? Just to be able to get a part on a Saturday is something that we are thankful for.

So tomorrow afternoon, he will be back here hopefully and will be able to repair the wheel bearings along with the brake calipers, wheel seals, brakes and rotors. Then he will double check the other side and do the brakes and rotors over there. 

Paying someone by the hour is not very good for Robby. I will need to keep him better distracted tomorrow. The man would work awhile, and then someone would come and ask him a question or ask for his card. By the time that he pulled out today, he had already fixed something on someone else's camper, and they were paying him. The hope is that all will be fixed tomorrow-we are still crossing our fingers for that.

When the man was leaving today, he apologized to me that his quote was under. Actually, Robby has never gotten a firm quote from him. The repair guy said that he likes to over quote, and then people are happy when they have to pay less. Unfortunately, we are not in the pay less category at all: we are probably in the pay double category (but don't tell Robby!)

Now we shall begin at this morning-Robby and I woke up right around 7:30 this morning even after staying up until 2. We were wide awake-he started on the laundry and took a shower while I sat outside and read some. 

Keaton had asked me to wake her up this morning, and I tried a few times with out any success. Eventually, she did get up, and we dropped off the car at the over flow lot so the repair guy could have room for his truck. We also signed up Bentley for the pet parade and tried to find a hat and a specific puzzle at the gift shop. Robby decided that he wanted a hat, but we couldn't find one. And I had been eyeing a puzzle on the last few trips, but of course it is already gone. 

We then came back to the campsite and went to work. I sliced some meat and cheese for our lunch while Robby unhooked everything. The plan was for the repairman to be finished today, and he would need to drive the camper around so we had everything ready just in case.

Around 1, we all scurried in to the gates at Magic Kingdom. Graham was able to get us in the virtual queue for Tron. Before that though, we went to Tom Sawyer Island and had our lunch While we were there, the kids explored some, and I may or may not have closed my eyes some while rocking in a rocking chair.

Then we walked over to ride Tron. Yesterday, there was no line at all, but today it was quite a bit longer. We didn't have to wait outside so it was still a win. When the ride was over, Graham and Keaton headed back to the camper first. The others rode the People Mover one last time.

Today we bought Campbell and Whitman a shirt. Whitman never asks for anything so he really never gets anything new-especially clothes so I think that he enjoyed getting to pick out a new shirt. When Robby was paying, everyone who was with us headed on back to the camper as well. 

Robby and I took the long way home on the boat. It did take quite a while for it t come, but it was a relaxing journey. When we came back, there was some time for golf cart looping and candy grabbing. Seriously, Keaton already has a completely full gallon size zip lock back full of candy. I have even put out candy in front of our site (mainly since I need to get rid of all of the candy that we bought).

Anderson and I worked on some of his math. It is a little bit difficult having to teach yourself since he has been missing class. We were so close to finishing that lesson and right now he only has one more to do, but I assume some more will drop soon.

Bentley went to the dog park a few times today. The kids here just stay busy-going to the dog park, riding bikes, getting candy, refilling our drink cups, looping in the golf cart, taking walks, and even some homework was done.

At 7:20 we all loaded up to eat at Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge. We ordered 2 bread services-imagine about 6 different pita breads along with 8 or so different dipping sauces for each order. This alone was enough to provide some fun for all of us-the kids all tried the different pita breads and some of the sauces. Then we had butter chicken, some beef and some pork plus their was chickpea masala which I really did like along with some lentil dish and a bowl of beans. We had a ton of new foods plus many of us left full so it was a win.

Once we made it back to the camper, some folks had a shower, but most everyone walked around a bit collecting some more candy. Reagan drove Campbell and Keaton around some on the golf cart, and when she finished I did some driving too. Now everyone is snug in their beds, and I think this is the earliest people have been in their beds this trip.

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