October 11, 2023-Long Weekend at Maumelle Park

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  • This morning when I was getting ready, Robby gave me a panic asking if Anderson was leaving for school. It didn't take me too long to remember that today was Wednesday and no one had to leave the house until noon.
  • We started work this morning while Anderson was taking his math test. For some reason he has a lighter load today and this week. Graham and he ordered some weights last night, so Anderson was anxious for me to take him to North Little Rock this afternoon to pick them up. He never really asks for much or gets too excited about things, but he was pretty pleased about this. 
  • Reagan and Graham went to work while we did the last minute things to the camper. I tried to remember to pack all that I would think that we need, but it is difficult to be too motivated about packing when you are so near the house and so near a Walmart.
  • When Reagan came home, she left right again to go to her Bible study at church. Of course Campbell and Keaton went along with her since they didn't want to miss out on any visiting time. 
  • The boys and I were not too far behind them since we had to stop at the library on the way there. I just love the library, but I sure didn't have many books to pick up today. 
  • Church was tonight-Wednesday nights are the favorite night of the week for the kids. There was a lot of kids there tonight. After church, I worked on my classroom for Sunday morning, and then I found Whitman and said goodbye to the kids.
  • Whitman and I then headed to Maumelle Park to meet up with Robby and the Wilsons for our little weekend of camping. They had already all eaten supper, but they had saved us some-chicken wings, fries, onion rings, and corn plus quite a few desserts-I was starving!
  • After eating and visiting, we walked the dogs for a bit and then called it a night-I have about 100 pages of my book left so I will see if I can read it this evening!

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