October 6, 2023

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  • Since most people didn't have any school to do today, it was a rather quiet morning at least for me. Anderson and Graham both had some things to do-and actually they still have some things to do. 
  • Anderson just has a lot of school this year. And Graham does have quite a bit too, but since he leaves for work before 1 on Monday and Friday and before 12 on Wednesday, he is just having a hard time getting things done. I think that he will eventually get the hang of things, but both of the boys aren't like Reagan-she does quite a bit of her school work at night.
  • We all left the house this afternoon-Graham and Reagan went to work, Robby took Anderson to paint the fields and then to a lady's house to work in her yard with some friends, and I took everyone else to Defy for a little bit.
  • We were home for few minutes when it was time to leave again to pick up Anderson and by this time, Keaton had gotten an invite to spend the night at a friend's house so we were able to make one trip-we left sooner that I had told Keaton that we would, and she had just started to organize her drawers so her room was a complete mess. Campbell helped her put it back in a pile, and she packed in second-I hoped she got everything!
  • For supper tonight I made air fryer pizzas for most everyone. It is one of the favorite meals, but since each pizza takes 5-6 minutes to make, it takes me almost a good hour to make supper. I told Robby that I would have been able to make a whole real meal standing in front of the stove in that amount of time.
  • Robby and I are watching rv vidoes on you tube while people keep walking by with their bowls of ice cream. I guess that is my cue to get some as well!

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