October 25, 2023-Disney Season Pass Era Ends

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Well, what can I say about today? We have definitely made some memories. I rolled over a little after 6 to see Robby on his phone already. He had said last night that we would wake up at 6:45, but since we were both already awake we left earlier than planned.

The kids slept for a very, very long time while we were driving. Robby and I even talked about it was all fine if we had to deal with one flat a trip. Maybe we shouldn't have said that. We were so close to Orlando that we could smell it when that blasted tire pressure monitor started screaming at us.

Robby and I probably have PTSD from hearing that thing beep. Yesterday it was politely beeping every so often because it couldn't find the signal, and today it was screeching at us. On our back 4 wheels we had one "old" tire. Now, when I say old-it really isn't old, but it is the last one that has needed changing.

Robby drove a good ways trying to find a place to pull over. He finally did find a spot with quite a bit of extra concrete so we didn't feel like we were on the side of the highway. The boys knew the drill-this tire was a bit harder because Robby did have to get under the camper to take the spare off. However, the blown tire was on the outside so that made things easier.

We did have one problem-they couldn't get the tire off at first so he had to roll forward and back, and thankfully that loosened the tire. Robby had just about finished with the last bolts and lug nuts when two police officers pulled up. Apparently, Robby's watch alerted the police to a crash. These fancy new watches do that now-we have to assume that him drilling and hammering on the tire caused it to do that or maybe the watch heard the curses coming out of his mouth and called the cops. (Not really, he again stayed very calm and patient.)

If this would have been all, it would have been a funny little story. However, while we were stopped, I noticed some dark fluid on the other side of the camper. It looked like it was from us and I did point it out to Robby. He looked around, but we pressed on to the tire place.

The tire store was already waiting on us to get a spare tow dolly tire, and thankfully they had a spare for the camper. However, when we pulled up-the tire area on the passenger side where I had seen the fluid was kind of smoking.

Robby went to work trying to figure things out and calling a mechanic to talk to. We decided to just bite the bullet and drive slowly to the fort. He couldn't tell any driving difference, but the smell, smoke and drip isn't good. 

Best we know it is the rear differential fluid. There is one good thing-about an hour south is a Ford dealership that works on RVs so that is where this thing is going next week. Robby thinks that if we had been at home, he would have had to go to at least Memphis for anyone to work on it. 

We aren't sure of all of the plans, but it will probably have to be towed which will delay our trip and end with a hotel stay for a night or two or who knows. So even though we are in the most magical place on earth, the stress level is a little bit high in site 113.

And speaking of site 113: Robby requests loop 100 each time, and we have gotten it the last few times. We were pretty sure that this time we would not since the crowds are going to be so big here. We don't have the exact site that we wanted, but we are right next to it, and really this is a better one. 

When we pulled in, Robby went to work on hooking up and making phone calls, while the kids and I got the campsite ready. The girls worked on the pumpkin blow up, pumpkin lights, and pin board. The boys helped me with the big things. Within a little bit the campsite was set up-it looks like we are going to have perfect weather for the next week.

We also did get a golf cart today instead of tomorrow so that was a bonus. Robby has to get our official cart tomorrow, but the one today helped make this day more fun. Of course this place is decked out. We will take pictures later, but imagine every inflatable you have ever seen in your life, all blown up at once-that is Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground. They were inflatable pumpkins bigger than my minivan and at least 3 inflatables that I have seen that are twice as tall as my camper. 

So this afternoon consisted of looping, bike riding, drink refilling, trick or treating (yes, there is candy bowls at just about 5 or so sites per loop), and there was even some home work happening. I started on supper-air fryer pizzas. This is another good and easy meal, but just like last night it isn't easy to prepare. Last night things weren't easy because you are just bouncing around like crazy, but today it wasn't easy because it just takes so dang long. Each pizza takes about 7 minutes-so that is 56 minutes of air fryer time. 

After our forever supper, we loaded up and went to Hollywood Studios for the last hour. We snagged a perfect parking spot, and then Robby and Campbell went to Rocking Roller Coaster while the rest of us went to Tower of Terror. Then we all met back up and rode Toy Story Mania.

Then we did what people have been waiting since August to do-play pickleball! We all headed to the tennis courts and stayed there until after 10 playing. Now, this has been a super stressful day, and Robby and I will have to focus pretty hard on enjoying the week and not worrying about the uncertainties of next week, but the kids-they will remember changing lots of flats, but they will really remember playing pickleball tonight even more than anything else we have done today.

I did think that we were done when we came back from pickleball, but I did somehow find myself back out on a golf cart looping around looking at decorations and getting candy. Right now all of the boys are in the camper while the girls are sitting outside talking. Robby and I though are just about to crash!

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