October 30, 2023-Disney Season Pass Era Ends

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Robby was awake early this morning and went to take a shower and start on the laundry. Once it was finished, I folded it while everyone else finished getting ready for the day. Robby had snagged Guardian's tickets so Epcot was were we headed this morning.

Campbell and Graham stopped off at Joffreys on the way in the park so they could get themselves a doughnut. As we were scanning in the park, the Thunderbirds flew over the Epcot ball (along with Magic Kingdom's castle). We did wonder why they flew over for Halloween, but this is veteran's month or something like that.

If you will remember, on the July 4th Robby, Whitman, Keaton, and I stood in front of the castle for what seemed like hours (was probably 10 minutes) in the blazing sun to see just 2 or 3 of those planes flying over. We were absolutely drenched in sweat that day when we made it back to the camper-sweaty enough that even Whitman, Mr. Content, asked to change.

We had laughed at Whitman today because he is just pretty content with his ipad. We might offer to take him some where or for him to go and do something, and his usual answer is "I'm good." However, if we mention that there is Pokemon cards or cotton candy, he is out the door in a heart beat.

After Guardians, we rode Soarin. I believe because of the 50th or 100th anniversary (they seem to be celebrating both-I don't really know how though), they are playing the Soarin' over California movie which is the original one. It did bring back some memories and was fun to watch a different one.

Then we walked through the new Moana attraction. They spent a lot of years and a lot of money on it-I was not impressed. It could have been neat if it was kind of empty where you could get to everything or it could be neat if you have little bitties and need a spot for them to get a little wet and relax, but yep, we were underwhelmed. Robby had talked about buying an ornament because it was our first time to see it, but nah, it wasn't ornament worthy.

Next up, Anderson and Reagan walked with us to the American pavilion so Anderson could get his bbq lunch. On the way Reagan bought a teriyaki bun from the Japan pavilion while Robby picked up a few different things for us to try while Anderson ate.

And while he was eating, the others went to our other eating spot-Connections and bought their lunches. I had then told them to go to the ball ride because Whitman wanted to do that. The ball is called Spaceship earth and used to be Whit's favorite, but somehow he made it clear to them that he wanted to do Mission Space instead. I am glad they figured all of that out for him.

When we met back up with them, we headed out of the park because we had to hurry back to the campground to get our spot for the parade. When we left this morning, the street that the parade happened on already had chairs on it. Keaton and Anderson struggled finding us a spot for this afternoon.

While we waited for the parade to start, Keaton saw that the book lady was out so we rushed over there. Whitman grabbed a Hot to Draw Pokemon book and Keaton grabbed a Kingdom Keepers book. Then it was time for the parade. 

The parade began with horses walking down the road, and then the golf carts came. The golf carts were super impressive. I think that Robby snapped some pictures-but one was even the Haunted Mansion stretching room. One was a Fort Wilderness wooden train-you name it, and we saw a golf cart decorated like it. These people are super creative, and some even threw out dog treats and candy this time.

After the golf cart parade, we did some looping and then came back to make chicken sandwiches for supper. Once we had eaten, we made everyone walk down to the beach bash where we could vote on the carved pumpkins and vote for the golf cart winner. We then joined about 200 other people on the beach and watched the fireworks. This was my first time to see adults who were genuinely loving the firework show-dancing and the raising of hands (which who knew that wasn't just a church thing). Anyway, the kids suggested that the people might have been a bit inebriated, and really, they were possibly were!

When we left the fire works show, the big boys went to play pickleball while Robby, Reagan, Keaton, and I drove around some loops collecting candy. Reagan went tonight because she wanted some candy, and candy she got. All of the boys don't really care too much about the candy, and Campbell is the same. Reagan does have her favorite candys so she had Keaton name everything that was in each candy bowl and then get the one that she wanted.

We were out searching for candy until after 10 tonight. When we came back, Anderson was already in the shower, and Campbell was on the phone with her friends. We worked on getting the beds ready, and now I have my shower to take and my book to read! 

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