October 4, 2023

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  • Campbell has proclaimed that Wednesdays are her favorite day of the week. My people love going to the church house on Wednesday nights so they looked forward to this evening all day long.
  • School was not nearly as peaceful was yesterday's school was. You wouldn't think those big kids cause a lot of distractions during the day, but at 11:30 I was still trying to catch up from working with Anderson, Graham, and Reagan on little things.
  • When Graham and Reagan left for work, things definitely calmed down. I did have to help Anderson with his math today, but I really didn't have to help him-I just sat there and watched him complete his questions. I wish every math day would be like today!
  • This afternoon Robby and I ran a few errands with Keaton and Campbell in tow. Keaton had some birthday money to spend from Target so she went and found herself some blue jeans. Campbell found a cute shirt on the clearance rack at the store. And since her shirt was so cute, I ended up letting her get a pair of jeans (they were 30 percent off so that did help.)
  • We were home long enough for me to work in the camper for a tiny bit. Then it was off to church. I took the first car load-well, actually Graham took the first car load. He drove us to Nonna's house where I had to drop off a pan. He was going to drive to the library too, but Anderson reminded him that the traffic was crazy now so I was the driver then.
  • There were lots of kiddos at church which is a good thing, but it sure does make things crazy! After church Graham, Campbell, and Anderson went to ChickFila with their friends for a little bit. The rest of us came home and ate pizza an pasta. 
  • Currently, I am about to pick out pictures while we are watching Amazing Race.

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