October 28, 2023-Disney Season Pass Era Ends

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Let's begin the blog again with our camper daily update: Robby was up at 6 and left soon after. He drove 90 or so minutes to pick up the part early this morning. He wasn't sure if they opened at 7 or 8 so he split the difference and was there around 7:30. 

It didn't take him long to turn right around and head back. Of course as soon as he was near, he called the repair man. As I was trying to sleep last night, I kept wondering what exactly would happen if they guy didn't come back in the morning or if he just dropped dead. The tires were off, and not just the tires but a lot of other things were off, plus the camper was all jacked up. I wasn't too worried since Robby had watched a youtube video so he could have figured it out and at least got us able to roll up on the tow truck. 

Thankfully though the repair guy did show up and went to work. The man worked four and a half hours today-most of his time was spent on the passenger side. He even wanted Robby to see how quick the other side would be to fix so I do believe that Robby stood and watched him fix that side. Of course he cautioned Robby that he could find the same problem over there, but that was not the case.

I was able to distract Robby a little bit today. We went on a few golf cart rides while the man was working along with a couple of very long walks. The camper wasn't finished until around 4:30. The repair guy even took it for a test drive around the Fort for a bit.

The working kids were interested to know how much it cost to have it fixed. Robby assumed that the repair costs about as much as a kidney-at least he hopes so since he has a spare. Kidding! Kind of. We know that we paid less than we would have at the dealership, plus I can't imagine how Robby would have been able to handle it not knowing exactly what was going on since at a dealership they would have just called when it was all ready.

Now by my blog, it seems like the camper problems have dominated our trip. However, that really isn't the case. We had intended to go to Epcot today, but really everyone is just so content to hang out at the campground so that is what we did.

Anderson had a little bit of school to do today and Reagan pulled out her computer to do some school as well. The repairman had brought 2 of his kids, and she did play with one for a while before she had to do some "school." 

At some point Keaton and Graham went and had themselves a hot dog and popcorn at one site. Robby missed the dole whip from across the street, and I missed the ice cream from down the loop. A few of the kids did snag some Pokemon cards, but the real haul today was in the trick or treating.

I am not sure if the people here are aware that it is still two days before Halloween. The campground has a trick or treating time on the schedule for Halloween night. I still have give out probably 6 pounds of candy today, and Keaton had probably collected 10 pounds of candy today. This trick or treating happened in full force tonight, but by 9 candy buckets were set out all up and down our loop.

All of the kids have gotten some things, but Keaton has made collecting candy a priority. Big candy bars, buckets of cotton candy, small Lego sets, bubbles, pencils, bags of popcorn, and oh so much candy. Graham and Anderson had delighted in shuttling her all of this campground to different loops. When one gets tired, the other will take her.  Keaton and Campbell had a few things for the scavenger hunt today as well, but I think the only thing that have have found was just now. Like it is 11:30, and Keaton grabs a light and shoes and runs out of the camper to grab something that was hidden behind us. 

Bentley also had a big day today as well. She participated in her first dog parade. Keaton was the first of about 40 people to walk through the campfire area with their pet. Keaton was wearing a Jack o Lantern shirt while Bentley had on a matching Mickey Mouse pumpkin costume. They were adorable, but some of these people just wow! I am not sure if I could get the family to dress up as the ghosts from haunted mansion or the people from Guardians of the Galaxy. Bentley had the time of her life though, and she is now so exhausted that she can hardly hold her head up.

The evening ended with orange chicken. Then Robby and I did some walking through some loops while the kids played pickleball. They were going to go down there, but the golf card needed to be charged-it has covered a lot of miles today. We all stood around for a while trying to decide if they were going to walk or ride bikes until Robby remembered that we do have a car. So he drove them down to the tennis courts.

After our walk, we drove the golf cart down there and ended up playing a little bit our selves. It is now midnight, and Campbell is on the phone with her buddies outside, Anderson just returned from his shower, and I am about to take my shower. 

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