October 2, 2023

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  • I thought that it was rather bright when I woke up this morning, but I just assumed that it was still in the 6'o'clock hour and not yet 7. After a bit, I figured that I should at least look at my clock to see the time even though I knew that I had set my alarm clock. And dang it, if it was not almost 8. 
  • I guess when I set my alarm I set it for pm. Thankfully though, it was still a decent time when I did wake up, and I was able to get my morning do done before waking up the people.
  • Reagan has a big essay coming up so she worked on that most of the morning. Then Anderson had quite a bit of math that I helped some with. This all put my behind so I was just finishing school work around 3 this afternoon.
  • Reagan and Graham headed to work at their usual time this afternoon. Anderson still had some work to finish this afternoon as well-he was a bit determined to work on his history so he would win the game tomorrow in class. The game doesn't count for anything, but just bragging rights.
  • Whitman was the last one to work with me this afternoon. He enjoyed taking a break, but by that time in the afternoon he is a little grumpy-maybe he still needs a nap! I know that I sure do.
  • Robby spent a lot of time today working on installing a new dishwasher. This was not the Christmas present that I wanted for sure. We didn't even get anything fancy-it's just the same just newer. I told Robby that there are some appliances that I could get excited about, but a dishwasher is not one of them for sure.
  • Tonight Reagan went to Bible study at Rock Creek while the rest of us went to the Wilson's house to eat supper. They had been camping and had quite a bit of leftovers and needed some help. Of course we were happy to help them out.
  • I am so tired that I can hardly keep my eyes open so as soon as Keaton is finished in the kitchen, we will start sending these people to bed.

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