October 7, 2023

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  • I am becoming more thankful for mornings when we don't have to wake up early, and somehow those are seeming less often. This morning was an early morning-6:45 when I went to wake up Anderson. I could already hear Campbell moving above me upstairs. 
  • Anderson said that he was already awake, but he was still laying in his bed so I stared at him until he sat up. Then I went back to my bed for just a few more minutes. I couldn't go back to sleep though so I caught up on my games from last night!
  • Anderson and Campbell headed to Raymar, and Robby and I were not too far behind them. Since it was cold this morning, the people were buying coffee and hot chocolate like crazy. Once I had the hot chocolate water all warmed and ready to go, it went much smoother but it was pretty crazy for a while. I was busy pouring hot liquids until I ran out of coffee and hot chocolate.
  • When football was over, Robby, Campbell and I went to Kroger. Our main goal was to buy hamburger buns, but when we were we decided to buy them from Sams later in the day. We did stop at Taco Bell-Robby and Campbell have bought a pass at Taco Bell to be able to get a free taco every day for the next month. They haven't missed a day yet.
  • Back at home, I did some reading while the kids played rugby outside. Soon it was time to leave again with Campbell leaving to spend the night at a friend's house. We dropped her off and then picked up Grannymom and Grandpa who had been on a trip.
  • We took them home, and then we went to Walmart where we picked up a few things. Afterwards, we ran into Sams. We weren't going to get much but they were handing out trick or treat bags so we walked around the store and trick or treated. We were going to get those buns there but after grabbing guacamole and cheese dip for Reagan plus our bags of candy, our hands were full.
  • We decided to buy the buns at our next stop-Costco. We even put it on the list, and we did get everything from the list except for those stinking buns! The whole reason we went to any of the stores today! Oh, well there is always tomorrow. 
  • We unloaded and started on supper-pizza pretzels from Sams for some, and Costco pizza for the others. Robby and I had some of the cheese dip. Anderson and I did a bit of school work, and then it was time to watch the Hogs play.
  • That is what we are doing currently, and Keaton is stressed that we will not have enough time to watch Amazing Race. We had all had our evening snacks-most everyone had ice cream, but Keaton made her own muddy crisp (her own version of muddy buddies). 

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