October 20, 2023

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  • We started our morning off with a good lesson on "bureaucracy" for Reagan and Graham. Robby used that word the other day while discussing the mounds of paperwork that Reagan was having to fill out. I was sitting by Reagan and saw her google what that meant-today, we had the real life experience of it.
  • Our first stop was at the Department of Human Services so Reagan could get her fingerprints done. She is adding a job on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons tutoring, and there has been quite a bit of things to do before she can start.
  • I was sweating it because I was getting worried that we were going to be late to our next appointment which was Graham's driving test. We went in the office and then Graham sat in the car waiting for his turn. Reagan and I sat on the curb watching all of the excitement-well, half of the time we had to look away because we couldn't stand to watch all of the drivers try to back out.
  • Graham did well and passed-thanks to a lot of prayers being sent up. So we went back into the DMV one more time before heading to the Revenue office.
  • When we arrived there, we took a number (a lesson of the day for the kids). It didn't take long for me to realize that they were 40 numbers from ours, but at least it moved quickly. When it was finally our turn, Graham got his license, and Reagan had to renew her license. (It is a racket-teenagers have to renew at 16, 18, and 21).
  • Once all of those things were accomplished, we celebrated with picking up ChickFilA for their lunch. They weren't home long before they had to leave for work. 
  • I have briefly text Anderson off and on today. They went through Blanchard Springs Cavern today and walked around the town of Mountain Home. Also they had Mexican for supper, and that is the extent of the information that I have gleaned from him today.
  • When Graham did finish with work today, he asked if I could take him to play basketball so that is where we headed next. I wasn't sure how long he would be there, so I took some things for me to do. I read, a worked on school for next semester, and I called Reagan and we worked on a few things of hers. Then I went back to reading for just a few minutes until Graham finished.
  • Campbell made reeces peanut butter cups today, and Keaton made tortillini for her supper. Even though they had been gone all day long, we couldn't get them to go with Robby and me tonight. We ran to Costco, Kroger and got those free Taco Bell tacos for the day.
  • Reagan has now left to do some dog sitting while I am trying to decide exactly what I want for dessert tonight!

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