October 24, 2023-Disney Season Pass Era Ends

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Tuesday mornings around here start early with Graham and Reagan leaving for Bible study around 6:30. I was a better mom this week in that I did text them about 5 minutes before they were supposed to leave to make sure that they were awake. 

The next hour went by pretty quickly since I was able to fall asleep. Some Tuesday mornings my mind starts going, and I can't go back to sleep, but today I did. My alarm then went off to wake Anderson up. He was awake and getting up for his first class.

Soon I was reading with my Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman. I know that one of them listens when I read-Whitman usually asks me multiple questions each day. Some of those don't even relate to anything I have read ("Can you call a person who is divorced a widow?") and some of them are questions I can't even answer ("Why does the core of the earth rotate differently than us?). 

Graham and Reagan arrived home from their Bible study and were there a bit before heading to class. At their school today, it was picture day-and Anderson my rule follower did as he was asked and had his picture made. I was sent an email proof so sorry there is no picture for the blog-actually, I just figured out how to get you one. I did tell Reagan that if she had taken her pictures today, we could have counted those as her senior pictures.

Reagan graciously agreed to skip her last 2 classes today. Her teacher was absent in her last class so that helped her make her decision. This mean that we could get on the road at 12:30ish instead of what would be nearly 3. 

The schoolers at home had a full load today. I debated making today the easy day or making the Thursday when we come home the easy day. I settled on the Thursday so I could get things settled as they work. However, having today the regular day meant that I was having to scurry around the house every break I had to mark things off of the list.

I like to leave the house decent when we do leave. The kids scoff at this especially since I made all of their beds and vacuumed the upstairs today. It all just looks so much nicer-maybe I can urge them to try to keep it like that. The boys room is not small, but it does have a lot of things in it-if they kept things neat their room would always look bigger.

The schooler came home and grabbed a bite to eat, and then we hit the road. In Arkansas there was a grass fire on the side of the road which was our first slow down. Other people didn't really slow down at first, but eventually we did all crawl toward the smoke. When we drove through it for the first few seconds we could not see a thing. It was a bit unnerving. 

We stopped for the first time after Memphis to get gas. I then heated up our supper-tortellini. We had two kinds which I had meticulously separated. However, when it was time to serve it up, I couldn't tell the difference between the chicken and cheese flavors. Some people ask for chicken and I gave them a scoop from one side of the pan. Then the next time someone asked for chicken I had become convinced that it was on the other side of the pan. I did get no complaints so maybe no one could really taste the difference.

Our next stop was unscheduled. Robby had been having trouble with his tire monitoring system so it was resetting when we heard a bang. Now, this camper is like a box so anytime the kids drop something on the floor it sounds like someone has fallen through. Robby said he saw the dog jumping on the couch, and I saw the kids up front looking around on the floor to see what the noise was.

It didn't take Robby long to figure out that it was a tire since he could feel the pull. Anderson was coming up front since he could feel it in the back as well. Robby pulled over while I jumped out to check which tire it was. Thankfully, it was the tow dolly tire. This is the easiest tire to change and was on the passenger side and not the driver's side. However, since it was the tow dolly tire, he couldn't drive really-we were right near an exit, but it was too far.

Before Robby could get out of the car, the kids were gathering flashlights and lights while I was passing out the jack and other tools that I knew to get. Anderson and Graham got more tools and the tires. We aren't sure what happened, but the tire was pretty much gone. It also took out the fender of the tow dolly so that was another thing that they had to take off. 

Keaton was quick to tell Robby that she had set the timer. It did take a little less than 30 minutes, and we were back safely on the road. We can't complain about that at all. We were all rewarded with a Buccees in about 20 miles after our stop.

While Robby was filling up with gas, Keaton and Campbell were doing push ups, Anderson and Graham were playing basketball, and Reagan and Whitman were in the camper talking. It was a good reminder about why we change tires and keep traveling.

After Buccees there were no more stops-we are about 10 minutes from our stopping point tonight. Robby had gotten confused about where we stayed before and is changing out spot due to recommendations he read online. Reagan and Graham had already had their nap today since they woke up so early, but I think that Reagan is already back asleep. No one else seems to be tired at all-Keaton and Campbell are definitely going strong right behind me!

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