October 5, 2023

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  • I was the first one awake this morning, but not by too long since Anderson has to leave first on school days. He was up and ate his breakfast while I worked on my laundry and dishes. Since it was raining, I didn't brush Bentley outside so I used the pet vacuum on her. She doesn't like that at all, but she does tolerate it.
  • After Anderson left, it was time for me to start school with the others. Today we just read through a bunch of our library books plus history. I know that I continually talked last spring about struggling to finish history, but I am already thinking about that this year! Surely, we can make up some pages on that book, but not if I continue to check out library books to read as well.
  • Soon the boys were home, and it was time for lunch around here. They asked me to make eggs for them, but I was still doing something so I had to pass. Unfortunately, I can't remember what I was doing, but they were perfectly able to make their own lunch. Anderson did make himself toast, eggs, and sausage.
  • This afternoon Graham drove Robby, Keaton and I to the church house. Robby had to pick up Grannymom's house, and I wanted to work on my Sunday school room for just a minute. Then we met back up at Grannymom's house so I could pick up Robby. Graham drove me there too-we did almost take out a mail box though but no yelling happened so it was still a successful adventure.
  • We came home about the time that Anderson left for football practice. Campbell left with him because she went with some friends to a football game this evening. I am still not really sure about who played this game-I think one school played each other?
  • We went out to eat with the Wilsons in Conway at Toad Suck Bucks. It was an adventure for sure-I had tamales that were good, but I drank so much water since sometimes that helps with my stomach that I was miserable for the rest of the evening even having to go to the bathroom twice at Sams.
  • We came home in time to leave again to go and pick up Campbell for her friend's house. She had a good time at the game of course-she is a social butterfly! So the evening was fairly short. I did help Reagan with some school work, but currently it is bedtime!

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