October 15, 2023-Long Weekend at Maumelle Park

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Whitman and I left the campground this morning a bit earlier than we would normally leave on a Sunday morning, and the kids at home left the house a bit later than we would normally leave on a Sunday morning. I had further to drive which is why I left earlier, and they didn't have to be there early for me so they left to just arrive on time.

Robby left the campground fairly soon after Whitman and I left this morning. He stopped at the grocery store since we were pretty out of milk at home and have been off and on for a while. Then he did some speed unpacking of the camper. It was a little bit easier to do it today since there were far less people and far less sand.

Keaton had spent the night at the Crafts house and joined us at church. Campbell did worship care and then joined Reagan and Keaton after church at their service project. The girls all made jump ropes out of tshirts to put in the Operation Christmas Child boxes this afternoon.

The boys, Robby, and I all met up at Nonna and Pops' house for our Sunday lunch. They had bbq and all the things plus some delicious desserts. I think that Whitman missed his brothers because he was ready to play with them this afternoon. They played outside and Nonna's house, and then Whitman and Anderson sat beside each other for a long time on the couch playing their devices.

The girls came home while Robby and I were cleaning the camper. We finished that, and then I had a short nap. I wasn't asleep for long because Whitman and I left for his lifegroup. They had pizza at Raymar, played on the playground, and then we all went to different neighborhoods to pass out flyers to advertise for Fall Fest. And then finally they ended the chilly evening with popsicles.

Anderson, Graham, Campbell, and Keaton left next to go to Rock Creek for church. Reagan left soon after to go to her senior lifegroup. It was definitely a day filled with church things for this crew-I don't know what could be better than that.

We then met up with the Rock Creek kids at the Wilson's house for our Sunday night supper. Shannon had leftover chili and baked potatoes, and I think that everyone enjoyed that meal once again. We left around 9, so I worked on my list some until Reagan came home and then I tried to work on finishing the blog a bit before bedtime.

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