October 26, 2023-Disney Season Pass Era Ends

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Well, today was a much better day than yesterday. I woke up to Robby already gone this morning. He went to fetch our golf cart, but the man was late. This was a good thing because Robby was able to get a good plan-he scheduled a tow through our camper insurance (like AAA but not) for Tuesday. He scheduled an appointment to get the camper worked on at the closest Ford dealership in Winter Haven, an hour south. And he found a house and rented it for 2 nights for us (much cheaper than 2 hotel rooms and he was having some difficulty finding a dog friendly hotel that he approved of. We were going to have to pass Bentley off as a 30 pound dog.)

Anyway, all of this acceptable, and he felt some better by the time that he returned with the golf cart. When he did return, I was already outside with Bentley reading my book. Anderson was the only other one who had stirred. 

While we were setting there, Robby decided that he would just call one man whose name had been recommended. Most of the mobile repair guys who work on campers just do simpler things-like all of the minor repairs that Robby has had to learn how to do. The person that recommended the guy told what the man had done for him, and it was some similar things to what we needed. Anyway, Robby decided that he would just call and talk to the man and even pay him to come out and look so he just left a message.

The kids all started stirring this morning-I guess the term morning is used loosely when I mean "10:30" for when they started stirring. We did some looping plus the kids ran over to get drinks. I already feel like we are running out of time here-Keaton and I had to make a list of things to do tomorrow. (Our list was fairly short: look in one of the gift shops here and register Bentley for the pet parade.)

Yes, a pet parade. We aren't sure what they involved, but why not? That is kind of how this campground is-why not? Why not fill your site with so many inflatables that your camper can not even be seen? Why not hand out candy all day every day for the entire week before Halloween? Why not have a vending machine full of stuffed animals for the kids? Why not set up a display of skeletons playing instruments? Why not pass out hot dogs and popcorn to anybody that drives by? Why not decorate your golf cart with more Halloween decorations than most people have in their house? Why not have a pet parade and a golf cart parade? I just wish that I could describe the campground adequately but words fail.

Anyway, back to today. We left the camper around 12:15 to go to Magic Kingdom. We discovered this last trip that we enjoy the bus ride more than the boat (shorter, air conditioned) so that is our current preferred method of transportation.

While we were getting on the bus, the repairman called Robby and said he would swing by around 5ish. This was a party day at Magic Kingdom so the crowds were lighter. We all rode Space Mountain followed by watching the Monsters Inc. show. This was a snack day for everyone-Reagan and Anderson couldn't decide and held their snack over for another day, Whitman and Campbell opted for ice cream, Graham had chicken and waffles at our next stop, and Keaton chose fries from back at the campground.

Reagan saw a shirt that she wanted, so while Robby was in the ice cream line we went to look for the shirt. We were able to find it plus we found one for Keaton. Actually, it was cheaper to buy 2 than just one. Campbell also decided that she wanted one as well, so she will get hers tomorrow when I can let Whitman pick out one for himself. 

Next up was a ride on Big Thunder while waiting on our group to be called for Tron. Anderson decided that he wanted to skip Tron and headed back to the campground. Surprisingly, the ride for Tron was without a line so we zoomed through it. We did our shopping next so Graham and Whitman went back to the campground. Our people really like all of the independence that they get here.

I helped Anderson with some math tonight. While we were working, the mechanic man showed up. I stayed inside for a while with Anderson, but when we finished, Robby gave me the thumbs up. I took that as a good sign and did some looping with some of the kids. When I returned, I got the low down:

Robby felt very good about the mechanic man so he has already ordered and paid for the parts. The man is replacing the rear brake rotors and pads, along with the rear wheel seals which had apparently failed on the passenger side. There is a possibility that he might replace the front tires as well. The parts should arrive tomorrow around 1, and the guy will start at 2. We are crossing our fingers that all goes well. (Robby will cancel the tow and repair appointments after tomorrow, and he was able to get some of his money back on the house-I'm sure he feels like he is just throwing money around!

We had the kids favorite supper tonight-chicken tacos. It didn't take too incredibly long to make. This was the first Disney trip in a while that Robby cooked on the blackstone. It usually is way too warm to do that. The weather is definitely warm during the day, but when the sun went down today I had to have long sleeves. Plus the bugs were out during our supper so I had to also put on pants.

Robby then began celebrating early by driving around a few loops on the golf cart. He had not left our loop except to walk to the tennis courts last night. Between the camper stuff and his work, he has been too busy to have fun on the golf cart. 

We drove to the tennis courts for our nightly Pickleball but they were full so we had to kill some time before coming back to play at nearly 10. We all played for quite a bit-Reagan actually ended up playing volleyball with some kids from Memphis and one from here that has to go to school tomorrow.

It was nearly midnight when all of us made it back inside the camper. Bentley, Robby, and Whitman walked back to the camper while most of us had a ride on the golf cart. And let's talk about Bentley for a bit-yesterday, as I was walking Bentley to the tennis courts, she did perfect...until we got to the crosswalk right across from the dog park. There she started to pull across the street and sat herself in the road refusing to come down the sidewalk with me. She did that with me and then later with Campbell before we had even taken her to the dog park on this trip. I guess even the dog knows her way around Disney.

It is now almost 1 and everyone is back from their showers while I still have to mine to take!

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