October 17, 2023

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  •  This Tuesday morning, I wasn't the greatest mom since I didn't wake up to make sure that Reagan and Graham were awake for their Bible study. I did set my alarm to go off right when they were supposed to leave, so when my alarm did go off, I heard Robby tell me that they had just left. He wasn't up being a great dad either-we were able to tell that they left because the garage door had just gone up and gone down which we had seen on our phones.
  • They went to Bible study, and very soon afterwards, I was waking up Anderson so he could go to his class. I think that he left a little bit early-I just asked him and he said that he realized that he left early when he arrived in his class and the lights were still off.
  • Reagan and Graham came home as I was reading to the others. They were here for a bit but then left again before we finished reading. After reading, the little three were able to knock out a lot of school work since it was fairly quiet. Whitman and I still ended up doing spelling after lunch, but that makes him happy so it isn't worth the fight.
  • After spelling with Whitman and bit of math with Anderson, Graham and I were off for some driving practice. I have scheduled the driving portion of his driving test for Friday. I had worried that I might have scheduled it a bit prematurely, but after today's driving I felt a bit better. He drove me to the library and then made the driving test loop twice.
  • Reagan was home when we came home. She received her acceptance box for Ouachita, but she wouldn't let me take her picture this afternoon. Maybe she will tonight, but she has suggested that I take it on Friday when she looks nice since she also had to go to the DMV to get her driver's license renewed.
  • At home tonight, Robby made mozzarella sticks along with fries and chicken. We all ate but supper broke up kind of quickly because the kids were anxious to get to the pickleball court-aka the driveway.
  • I was just telling Robby that this is why I like winter nights-we have eaten supper together, played pickleball, and are now sitting on the couch, and it is only 8. How wonderful is that. I am actually trying not to start planning science for the next year, but it is super difficult for me!

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