October 16, 2023

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  • After taking a break from school on Thursday, and since I was camping all weekend long, today was like coming back from a vacation-that's not a good thing on a Monday morning when we have to do school. 
  • However, we all survived. School just takes a bit longer these days, and I end up doing it at different times. Whitman also felt a bit frustrated today-I guess he had too much fun this weekend doing nothing at all which made doing a pile of school a bit more difficult. 
  • Whitman just takes forever with math even though what he is doing right now, he knows how to do it well. Campbell might just be my new math genius since she is quick to pick up on things. Keaton continues to do her work in the evening while Reagan does hers even later than Keaton-well after we have all gone to bed. And Anderson and Graham, well, they are on the minimal school plan-just do as much as you can get by with.
  • Graham and Reagan left a bit before 1 to go to work and that is when I started spelling with Whitman and math with Anderson. After that though, I was able to do a few things on my list. Somehow though I didn't get a whole lot accomplished, but I was able to do a few fun things from my list-like planning some of next year's school.
  • Soon it was time for Anderson to go to Raymar to get ready for the last football game. We decided that we would all just go with him since there wasn't too much of a reason to take 2 cars. We did leave Whitman at home for an hour until Graham came home from work. Reagan came home too, but she immediately left for soccer practice which Campbell skipped to go to the game tonight.
  • Tonight was the last football game, and since it was just two games happening at once it was fairly slow in the concession stand. Anderson stayed a bit late to help clean up, and then it was time for us to head him. We stopped at ChickFilA for supper for most of the kids-Whitman opted for a pizza from home while Robby and I ate leftover cheese dip.
  • Now most people are quite upstairs and Whitman is already thinking about his evening snack!

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