October 22, 2023

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  • When I got up this morning, I started on peeling potatoes for tonight's soup. Then I moved on to the dishes, waking up the kids, and a bit of the laundry before I hurried off to take my shower. By the time I finished my shower and got ready, I just had 13 minutes to dry my hair before we needed to leave.
  • I put Whitman to work helping me get the Sunday school room ready. We had almost 20 first graders today, and I think that I might just be losing my patience with children or maybe just with all people in general. During opening time, the kids were put into groups to play Bingo-by the end there were tears about not winning a prize and not even getting to put a piece on the card. So my Sunday school lesson began with "we don't come to church for prizes, we come to church to learn about Jesus." And then we moved on to the weekly "we are first graders now and don't fuss and cry at church."
  • I then scurried from Sunday school to worship care. Thankfully, there were not a ton of kids in our little room plus they were all very easy going. Originally, I was going to have to take Campbell to a birthday party on my way to Grannymom's house for lunch, but Campbell was able to get a ride so that was one less trip for me.
  • We ate and visited for a little bit, but then left since the afternoon was filled with sporting things. The boys ran home and changed before going to play basketball with some friends. I left with Reagan to go to her soccer game (Campbell was skipping because of her birthday party/pumpkin patch that she was at.)
  • Reagan's team tied: 4-4. We then rushed home so she could go to the U at Rock Creek with the boys. I then left to take Keaton to her life group. Well, it wasn't her life group-she crashed anther life group tonight since hers was cancelled. Then I picked up Campbell and hurried home to help Robby with supper.
  • The Wilsons then came over for suppre as the Rock Creek kids came home. Then we made Anderson leave to go and pick up Keaton, and Reagan left to go to her house sitting job for the night. We had potato soup and cornbread for supper along with some brownies. 
  • It is now time for bed for this crew-and I am pretty exhausted myself!

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