October 19, 2023

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  •  When I went upstairs this morning to wake up Anderson, his alarm clock was already ringing-except he wasn't getting up to turn it off nor was anyone else stirring in their room. He eventually did wake up and was about to head out when Robby wrote saying that he was almost home.
  • Robby had been at Dgroup this morning in the minivan and had lost track of time. Anderson had some extra time built in so he was fine and not late to his class. After that, I started working with the others, and soon Reagan and Graham left for their classes.
  • Sometime this morning Robby discovered that the generator wasn't working in the camper. That added a lot of uncertainty to the day and to the trip which I am already packing for. Robby figured it all out around lunch time, and he was so relieved. Even with him getting it fixed (the house battery or batteries were bad) it still took a few years off of his life.
  • We have run all over creation today it seems. Since Anderson had a test this afternoon, Robby had to pick up Graham. Then I took Graham to play basketball in Bryant. Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman went with me as well so we stopped at Defy on the way home along with Taco Bell for our free tacos.
  • At about that time, Robby dropped Anderson off. He went on a weekend trip with his friend to Mountain View. Then Robby picked up Graham and supper on the way home. We had our supper, and Robby finished reinstalling the new camper batteries.
  • I played a few rounds of pickleball before I went to meet Robby at Kroger to fill up the cars with gas. We ran into the store to get a few things so we can get by through the weekend. The snacks have now been pulled out, and I am going to try to start reading my book. I started to read while at Defy, but I was so distracted that I couldn't!

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