October 9, 2023

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  • Robby and I could not sleep last night-well, he slept for a little bit, but I woke him up when I finished reading. I guess I was too noisy putting up my book light. By this time, Bentley was up as well, so then for a while we couldn't go to sleep because she was up or she couldn't go to sleep because we were up.
  • Either way I did almost finish my book, and I wasn't that tired when we did wake up so maybe staying up half the night actually does work for me. And really, I have been pretty productive today too so today has been a win.
  • We started on school on time this morning. The big boys are such a distraction-they are just having the time of their lives in the school room. It makes me crazy, but they do get their work done. I try to not let Whitman be distracted by them, but it is hard-I guess it is just a boy thing.
  • Soon Graham and Reagan were leaving for work this afternoon. Graham went to help take some pictures today, and he said that made the day go by pretty quickly. Anderson had work this afternoon-school work and then football practice at Raymar. 
  • Robby and I took about 8 boxes and 8 full trash bags of things to the Goodwill today. I felt like I had dropped 10 pounds by getting rid of all that stuff. Then we went to Walmart, Sams, Kroger, Bath and Body, and Taco Bell today. The first three we needed things, then Bath and Body I had a few coupons, and finally Taco Bell-well, we had to get our free tacos for the day.
  • Though no one ate the tacos since we were having chicken tacos for supper tonight. They will be eaten tomorrow for lunch though. We started on supper around 7-Anderson was still at Raymar, and Reagan went with Alyssa to a college fair at UALR. She said that Yale was there, but she didn't talk to them. She did talk to the OBU person and the ASU person.
  • We ate without Anderson and Reagan. Then we left the food out and all went outside for some pickle ball. We played until it was almost 9-Reagan and Anderson both came home while we were out playing.
  • Now, they have both had their suppers, and others are working on ice cream for their snacks. I think that we will watch a show in a little bit or I have a new book that I just started.

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