October 10, 2011

A New Friend!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • School morning this morning for Reagan and Anderson.  Reagan was quick to tell Anderson how lucky he was that he did not have to stay all day long at school like she does.  She then asked me if she could just stay half a day-even though it would much more convenient to pick two up at once, I declined.
  • Anderson's class usually just finds their name and put it in a container but today they had to write their name.  Anderson immediately started to get a bit nervous and said that he couldn't do it.  Ms. Stacy told him to just write the letters that he knew-Reagan stood over his shoulder anxiously watching.  He did it and did it very, very well.  He did every letter and I might be a bit biased but his looked better than everyone elses.  
  • Today was our last day to go and find Pops during our 20 minutes between dropping Anderson off and then dropping Reagan off.  His last day is Friday and he officially starts as my lawnboy/nanny on Monday.  Does anyone know where we can kill 20 minutes at church on Monday mornings-anybody reading the blog want to invite us to their office for a quick chat?
  • Speaking of Pops-somehow the kids think that he is a real police officer.  This was all said Sunday on the way home from church after seeing the police men directing traffic.  He does have a gun, walkie talkie and a light for his truck but I am still not real sure where they came up with this.  When his gun was mentioned, there was some concern about if he was going to shoot someone.  I said that Pops was ready to shot any bad people if he needed to keep other people at church safe.  Unfortunately, the kids now think there is going to be a shoot out at church and are looking forward to it.
  • Graham asked Robby pretty early this morning if they could go on a nature walk so they took their magnifying glasses and headed out.  Actually, they never even came back in-Robby was outside all day long working.  He said that he would miss it when he goes back to work but I reminded him that he would still be able to do the yard work when he came home from work.  :)
  • When I picked Anderson up from school, I asked him what his favorite part of the day was and he said "you picking me up"  Well, that made me sad too though his nose had started bleeding just when I picked him up and that had unnerved him a bit.  Allergies!
  • Back at home, Grannymom and Grandpa were over working in the yard and we even burned one and eventually two of the piles of branches.  We did have lunch and there was a bit of cake left.  Graham was pretty adamant that we save the last piece of Reagan but Anderson, after finishing off his piece, said that it would be okay if we didn't save it.  Sneaky little fellow.
  • After spending all afternoon outside, I decided to have Campbell take a nap.  She was covered in dirt so I just took her to the water hose (hooked up near the burn pile), stripped her down and started spraying.  The water pressure is pretty good (even though we have 4 hoses hooked up) and Campbell just jumped when I started spraying her feet.  She was a little shocked by her hose down bath but fell right asleep after I dried her off and put her in bed.
  • The boys went to Grannymom's house for a few minutes while I picked up Reagan from school.  She said that he favorite thing of the day was craft time.  I gave her the choice to go and see Beebee or go to Grannymom's house and she picked Grannymom's house.  She did get on to me that we had not made Beebee a card so we will work on that tomorrow.
  • I picked everyone up after I had seen Beebee and Papaw for a few minutes and then we headed home.  When we made it home, Campbell was just waking up and Keaton was waking as well.  Keaton's thrush has gotten a lot better but today her schedule has been off.  She is eating all of the time and we can hardly keep up.  She has also been awake alot more and I think she really enjoys outside because she seems to stay awake outside longer than when she is inside.  
  • Speaking of outside, a poor turtle crawled out of the burn pile today.  I didn't call him poor because of where he came from but because of where he ended up-in a laundry basket.  My boys tried to slide him down the slide-Anderson was up top and Graham was down low with his hands out ready to catch the thing.  They didn't think a thing about hauling that turtle around with them but Reagan would pick it up but squeal the entire time.  Campbell wanted no part of being touched by the turtle though she did like to bop it on its head.  
  • Before long it was nearly dark and we were hosing down the burn piles.  The kids had baths (bath 23234 since we have been here), supper and then they all crashed in bed.  Another excellent day.

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