October 2, 2011

First visit to church!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Keaton had herself 2 bottles right in a row in the middle of the night (just a total of 4 ounces) and then she ate again with Robby around 6.  So she was still laying in our bed with the hiccups when Robby brought Campbell downstairs.  It was dark in our room and Campbell laid there looking around trying to figure out what that hiccuping noise was and finally she sat straight up and exclaimed "baby!"  
  • It didn't take too long fro everyone to be up and ready this morning for church and we thought we were doing fairly well on our time but giving Keaton a bath zapped all of our extra time.  Robby has gotten good at giving first baths on Sunday mornings, so good in fact that Keaton didn't even fuss until we started drying her off.  Campbell was right beside him the whole time trying to inspect his work and take care of her little sister
  • Graham had a big day in his Sunday School class.  Ms. Diane had printed a picture of his sister and he told the whole class about her.  He was so proud to show us the picture and we were told that he said that she cries a whole lot.  That is surprising because he probably has only heard her cry one time (and that was the afternoon in the car).
  • Keaton wins the Dennie prize for being the first child in the nursery-5 days old.  We had decided that if Ms. Georgia was there then she would go.  We knew she would be in good hands with all of the nursery workers in her class-the same crew that has taken care of all of the Dennie kids.   She did fine and even had a photo shoot out front of the church house before picking up the others.  I so want our kids to know that church is where you go, all the time and that there is no better place to be.  Anyway...
  • Anderson had gotten in to trouble during big church a few weeks back but he sure was proud to have done so well again today.  He told me at least 2 times during church that he was being a very good boy-and I guess that he was.  I am not real sure-the choir song was beautiful today.  So beautiful that it caused my eye lids to get heavy-head nodding heavy.  I knew Robby was beside me snoozing too-we aren't even really sure why they gave us money back  in those envelopes
  • We did catch some of the sermon and are working on how we will spend our 2 dollars and do it in a way that involves the kids.  Anderson asked tonight why they gave us money again and Reagan said "he said we could not give it back to the church."  Reagan did suggest that we buy a cup and some of that bread-I think she is suggesting that we buy some elements for the Lord's Supper.  
  • We then celebrated Jason's birthday at Nonna's house.  We had Hawaiian hamburgers with all of the fixings and then had a big chocolate cake.  Beebee and Papaw came over for cake and even got to spend a little bit of time with Keaton.  Jason opened up his presents and the kids were quite impressed with the speaker that we got for him and kept trying different things (rock-it speaker)
  • Next was the grocery store-well two.  The poor children-they are starting to wonder why we go to two Krogers right in a row.  No way to really explain mystery shopping to them so we just say that Daddy forgot something.  He usually buys them some cheese to munch on and they are completely happy sitting in the car watching a movie while Robby shops.  Today, Campbell had herself a little nap and I did too.  At one store, Robby knocked for me to open the trunk and I did that but then was back asleep by the time he had loaded the groceries and had to knock for me to open the door
  • Back at home, we unloaded and yes, Robby just drove up to the kitchen door to unload the stuff-we are country folk now!  The kids changed clothes, Campbell tried to have a nap and Graham talked and asked so many questions that we sequestered him to his bed.  Soon we loaded up and headed to the church picnic.
  • For the kids the picnic tonight was the greatest thing ever-jumpies and "all our grandparents."  They just thought that was the coolest thing.  They were very patient waiting to go and jump and when Robby gave the word, all 4 were off.  Campbell was trailing behind them as fast as she could go.  
  • We ate our hot dogs and the kids even jumped again.  When the sun started to go down we headed out and by the time we made it home, Graham was snoozing and we had to talk to him for him to stay awake.  They all had some milk before bed and then it was lights out.  
  • Keaton on the other hand is starting to wake up (9) so maybe she will eat now and then at our bedtime at 12 and then only wake up once during the night-fingers crossed!

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