October 15, 2011

Jenna Comes to Visit!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Graham who is the first usually to wake up around here slept until 8 this morning (while at Nonna & Pops) but Campbell took over his waking up first and started talking around 6 until Reagan and Anderson were up as well closer to 7.
  • Keaton was snoozing well in the closet-probably because she had 3 bottles in the middle of the night.  Her first one she sucked down in a matter of minutes (or I might could have possible been sleeping through some of it) and I laid her back down thinking she was done but she didn't think so.  After that meal, she again decided that she was hungry again at 6.  Just thinking about that makes me want a nap-so glad that is not the norm (oh, I hope that isn't going to be the norm).
  • Dana brought Jenna over to see the house and Keaton and they also had a special delivery-our barstools.  I had painted the first bit and then Dana took over and did the rest with some help from Grannymom and Grandpa.  They look wonderful-I will get a picture soon.  The top part matches my table and blinds and the bottom looks so good with the stainless.  Now I just want to find a chair or two that has a bit of blue in it.  No hurry though.  
  • Anderson and Reagan then went to watch Cash play soccer.  They got very excited about watching him score goals and they were all about keeping score.  Later in the day Reagan said that it was okay if her team lost when they played soccer because you didn't win anything anyway.
  • Back here, I loaded Keaton and Campbell up in the car and headed to Walmart.  Of course one of those little girls was pretty adamant that she didn't want to sit in her car seat or ride in the shopping cart but I won (probably because I bought her cookies and passed them out while we were there.  The cookies quickly put Campbell in a good mood and she spent her shopping time waving and smiling at other shoppers.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa brought Reagan and Anderson back and then Jason brought Graham back and everyone soon headed out to work in the yard.  We even got some work out of Jason today!  Graham later told us that they went to Jason's house "it is the blue one" he told us.  Also he mentioned that Jason didn't have any toys "just books."  
  • While we were working outside, Anderson must have been confused about his days of the week and asked "is this a holiday"
  • Robby told the kids that they could play in the dirt today.  Needless to say, Nonna needs to start buying oxiclean by the case.  They were filthy-seriously, I know I have said that before but today takes the cake.  Reagan did catch one frog and then Anderson caught another.  They are in a bucket out back-let's see if they escape.  The turtle from the other day escaped a few nights ago so they need another pet.  Reagan asked if they could ever have an inside pet.  I told her that we do-Campbell.  And Reagan replied "she not a pet just pesky"-ha, pretty true!
  • Sometime during the afternoon, Anderson had to potty and I told him to just use a tree since he was too dusty to even walk through the house for the bathroom.  Well, Graham couldn't be left out so he joined Anderson.  And then along comes Campbell.  She also didn't want to be left out so she started trying to pull down her pants as well.  Thankfully, she couldn't get them down.  Also when she saw later that the boys didn't have their shirts on, she tried to take hers off as well but again she couldn't get it off.
  • Around 6, we cleaned up and headed out to eat.  This was Keaton's first time to eat out and she stayed awake through all of our meal at McAlisters.  Most of the other kids have gone out to eat the day after coming home from the hospital so Keaton is a little behind but I am sure that she will catch up
  • The kids are still getting used to us living a little further away from West Little Rock and when we made it home tonight, Anderson exclaimed "home at last"

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