October 4, 2011

The Dennie Five
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Keaton has now woken up and was wide awake last night both times that she woke up and she has been awake for pretty long stretches today as well.  I guess that since she is a week old today it is time for her to wake up a bit.  
  • Robby took Anderson and Graham to school and since he hadn't taken Graham to school in a while he was very surprised at how well Graham did even though he had a sub.  There was a parent's meeting at school today and Anderson was not pleased that I was not there since those parents picked up their kids early.  
  • Campbell spent the morning with Robby.  They walked around Walmart and spent zillions of dollars and then went to the Gamble house to bring a load of outside things to the shed here.  I never thought I would have a shed.  Anyway, when we first saw this place we immediately thought that we would tear the shed outback down as soon as we moved in.  But after a little work, it is working wonderfully to hold Robby's lawnmower and outside stuff.  Don't even know what we will put in the other shed from Gamble that will be moved tomorrow-wow, I am the owner of two sheds!  Classy!
  • Reagan spent the morning doing school with me while Keaton was watching.  She quickly got back into the hang of things but dreads math and I hate that.  I loved math growing up and I know that she will like it better soon enough.  She doesn't know how lucky she is-I gave her 4 pages of math today and there might have been 16 problems total-not too bad.  I bought her this math curriculum because it has lots of blocks to use with the problems but she hates the blocks.  Same thing with her spelling-it has tiles to use and she doesn't like them either.  To her, she knows the answer so why waste her time with something else (sounds like Robby and me).  As things get harder she will hopefully enjoy the tiles and blocks more-but the boys will surely need that hands on stuff to do so maybe they will like it....anyway.
  • We had lunch with Grannymom and Grandpa.  I tell you, we are so popular-company all of the time.  Even the neighbor girl asked if we were having company come over for supper.  Actually, most of our company has been family so they really don't count as company at all.  And the other company has been like family so they haven't counted either.
  • This afternoon the kids played outside and most mother's of 20 months old don't push their babies out the door and then quickly lock it-that is what happened to poor Campbell today.  She just wants to come in and out and the pants she was wearing has cuffs so it just holds the sand-yes, we let her play in the sand and no one else (can't really stop her).  She found a coke can and would fill it up and then empty it in her lap-she did this for at least 30 minutes.  And yes, they all had baths tonight-we are taking lots more since they get filthy outside.  When is winter?
  • Supper and then taking some pictures of the kids.  I tell you, aren't they the cutest little things ever.  And then in a little bit they were even cuter...sleeping soundly.
  • When we were taking pictures we laid Keaton, who had been fussing, on her tummy and she quieted right down and stayed there for a long time-she liked her tummy?  We have never had a baby that liked their tummy (or maybe she was quite because everyone else had gone in the kitchen and she felt safe)

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