October 24, 2011

One more visit to the
pumpkin patch!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • So on the ride to school Anderson asked me what Ms. Amber's daddy was named and I told him Mr. Todd.  And then he told me that Mr. Todd said that he could get a bb gun and we needed to put it on the Christmas list.  I reminded him that you can't have bb guns until you are 8 (that will give me some time to think of a better excuse).  And Reagan was quick to throw in that Santa couldn't come down our chimney anyway because of all of the pumpkins in the fireplace.
  • Thankfully, Jodee needed me to bring her something so Reagan sat in the car with Kennedy for a few minutes before they went in.  That was great because it gave me more than five minutes to get the boys to the pumpkin patch.  This morning, I had hesitated about grabbing our jackets but I did and boy, am I glad I did.  The fog hadn't yet burned off and it was chilly. 
  • We got separated from most of Anderson's class and rode on the 3rd hayride. Graham must have spent alot of time thinking about the story of Bad Bart that they told and when the sherriff told everyone to hurry back to the tractor and leave because Bad Bart was coming-Graham took off running.  He was so skittish the entire time and couldn't even enjoy they maze but Anderson sure did enjoy it and ran through it at least 4 times.  He was always so proud to find his way out (I was also pretty proud to find my way out-talk about claustrophobic-18 inch maze through a privacy fence with a zillion 5 year olds surrounding you.)
  • The train was the biggest hit for Graham and Anderson as well.  They were willing to sit on the train for quite a while and wait for their turn.  Then we picked out pumpkins-just like shopping with a man-they grabbed the first pumpkin they saw and were ready to go.   Though I did set Graham's down and when I came back it was gone so he had to get another one-he didn't care though
  • Meanwhile, Reagan was at school.  Her show and tell today was her pumpkin from her pumpkin patch trip.  I would love to hear her do her show and tells. Wonder what she says and if she just quietly whispers and stares at the floor.  
  • And back at home, Robby was hanging out/working from home with the girls.  He was a little worried about having to keep Campbell quiet while he was on some calls but she entertained herself pretty well-he let her play with some magnets, she sat in Keaton's bouncy, brought Robby diapers and wipes to change her diaper multiple times (no more fruit for her) and then even had a nap.  Keaton busied herself by drinking many, many bottles.
  • Next up was closing on the Gamble house-wow, the lady who bought that house looked at it the day we closed on this house.  Perfect timing-we only had one extra house payment on Gamble.  Now, to start seriously thinking about that garage.  We dropped the van off before going to closing and then I dropped Robby off afterwards.  He still had to wait for awhile but did manage to finish in time to pick Reagan up from school-though Ms. Jodee was ready to pick up Reagan for him.
  • When everyone came home, I had a mess in the kitchen (making many, many breakfast burritos) so I cleaned up, they had at least one snack, played, watched a movie (though Anderson watched movies while Nonna and Pops were here during closing and told me that he had watched way too much tv today-so he didn't watch anymore). 
  • Before long we were having supper and baths.  After bath, Campbell was getting a diaper and Graham looked at her bottom and in a horrified voice asked "what happened to her peepee?"-he thought it was missing!

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