October 6, 2011

Oh Nellie - thanks G-Mom & G-Pa!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Keaton's night was very good-she only woke up one time to eat and then slept through breakfast with the kids and woke during Reagan's school to eat again.
  • Robby took the boys to school and later in the day, Graham said that school was his favorite part of the day.  That is good to hear though we did have a pretty good rest of the day here as well.
  • Campbell also went with Robby and then she hung out with Grannymom who also picked up the boys.  Grandpa and Robby ran a few errands and picked up Keaton's medicine for her thrush.  Pitiful thing, it looks worse today but she isn't fussy and is still eating and sleeping well.
  • Reagan and I did school this morning and we flew through it all today.  I told Robby how nice it was and he reminded me that this was the last day that he can take Campbell.  She is our wild card during school-goodness, she is the wild card not just during school but during life!  
  • After our school, Reagan made a bracelet and I cleaned a bit while Keaton was sleeping and I felt like that is how people with no kids at home feel-there was nothing to do and the house was so quiet.  Kind of strange and kind of didn't like it.  But soon enough, the boys and Campbell were back.
  • Then everything moved outside.  Grandpa was hanging a horse swing that Grannymom and Grandpa had  gotten for the kids and trust me, it got lots and lots of use today.  Campbell loved riding on "neigh neigh" and everyone else named it "Bucky."  
  • After a few turns on the swing, it was lunch time and we finally spotted some birds at the birdfeeder.  So Campbell could hardly eat because she was so busy trying to turn around and see the birds.  Keaton woke up for a bottle outside and spent some time snuggling with Grannymom.
  • While Grandpa and Robby worked on the roof of the shed, the rest of us stayed outside.  When we were on the back patio, the acorns kept falling continuously and I commented that the kids needed their bicycle helmets on and before long, I had 2 kids sitting in their lawn chairs with bicycle helmets and 3 umbrellas out and being used all to protect themselves from the falling acorns.  Glad no one could see us...also glad no one could see me let Graham go to the bathroom on the leaf pile today-there was no way that he could have made it back to the house.
  • The big 3 all helped me stretch out the water hoses to get ready for burn day.  Anderson threw that hose over his shoulder and said "I am like a fireman."  After all of that, we then rolled some rock things into a hole to help fill them up.  The rocks were heavy and everyone including Campbell worked hard rolling them across the yard.  
  • By 3, it was too late for naps and since Grannymom and Grandpa were still here, everyone stayed up so by almost 5, they were exhausted.  At one point, I thought that Graham was going to fall asleep while on the swing.  We shuffled the crew inside and gave baths (everyone except Keaton).  We have had more baths living here in just a few weeks than the kids had in a few months at Gamble.  
  • After baths, Keaton had a bottle while the kids played upstairs with their toys.  Then it was time for supper and after supper, everyone colored a bit.  Actually, they colored for a very long time and I was reminded that I need to let them color more often.
  • Campbell went to bed first and the rest of the gang followed after a movie.  Poor Campbell and Anderson's legs are just horrible-excema is really getting the best of them.  Fortunately, it doesn't seem to bother them 
  • Of course, after spending all afternoon outside the boys and Campbell just crashed but I still heard Reagan on the monitor around 8:30.  Keaton is sleeping cozily on the chair nearby and is awaiting her 4th dose of medicine tonight before her last bottle.  And I am going to go and find a snack or maybe even supper

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