October 22, 2011

Halloween with the
Thursday Crew!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • As soon as the day started, Anderson was ready to put on his costume.  I forgot to write but yesterday, he had on his jersey, helmet and was holding a football outside.  He looked at Robby and shouted in a deep manly voice "catch, Rob!"  
  • Robby was cleaning out the car this morning and the kids all put on their clothes and then just sat on the steps and watched him work.  Then he ran some errands and they pulled out their lawnchairs to just sit.  I guess they were having a lazy Saturday-too lazy to even play.  
  • Reagan was very happy to see that her ghost jugs had indeed been moved to the front of the house for "everyone" to see.  And she was very excited to see me drawing halloween faces on our clementines.  She was disappointed that I didn't let them do more.  And Anderson, who as I can remember has never had an orange, loved the clementines.  I think they all liked that they peeled them themselves.  
  • Graham and Campbell had a nap along with Keaton this afternoon while Reagan and Anderson watched a movie.  Before too long it was time to suit up in their costumes and get ready for Jacob, Ethan, Hailey, Kennedy, Camryn and Laynie to come over.  My 3 cheerleaders and 2 football players were so excited to see their friends and show off their costumes.  4 girls were cheerleaders (Hailey and Camryn also-Kennedy was not here tonight) and Laynie was Tinker Bell.
  • The kids played outside for a bit and the boys were excited to show off their new house and the trail that Robby made through the woods.  Camryn and Reagan were like two peas in a pod and had a great time playing together.  The kids were too excited about making smores to eat much of their supper but when the adults tried to sneak in some cake, they were ready to eat that (we didn't let them though-they were going to get to have smores)
  • How cool that we were able to start a fire and make smores in the yard.  The kids all sat down while the grown ups did most of the work-the fire was pretty big and it was very dark.  They all eventually got to make one but before my kids haven't likes smores but they sure did tonight (maybe because it was so dark that they couldn't see what they were eating).  
  • Before long, everyone left and we all had another clementine before baths to wash the smoke off and then to bed.  As Robby was cleaning up outside, we overheard our owl hooting in the distance-love that.  We decided that we are going to go camping outback soon.  Wanna come?

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