October 23, 2011

Clementine Decorator Extraordinaire!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Last Sunday, we ran behind-this Sunday we were crazy early.  Keaton even had time to wake up and have a bottle, the kids had cinna minis (yes, we went out of our way for them), Robby and I had Sonic and then we still had to wait on Sunday school teachers to show up.  
  • If you are a faithful reader and remember that Robby and I have been having a hard time staying awake in church the past few weeks-well, we did better today but there is just something about Sundays that make me so sleepy.  Though the kids were wide awake when we started singing "Holy, Holy, Holy"-a song we have been singing at school and they sang along (a bit)
  • We were in another class for worship care and Graham came with us.  He had been the sweetest child all morning long and continued to be in the new class.  He colored, ran errands with Robby, sat in my lap-just precious.  Now, his brother and big sister had not been so precious this morning before church.  The spoon was never used but I did have to grab it once to prove my point!
  • During our errands, we noticed the car smoking-never a good thing.  It has done it a few times before but we had thought maybe we ran over a bag (plastic burning smell as well) and then the next time we decided it was due to the newly cold weather.  This time it was neither-actually smoking so I thought Robby was going to holler at me to get the fire extinguisher and to hurry-but it wasn't that bad.  After our errands, he tried to take it to a few places and finally found one that could look at it today (gotta have a van to haul around 5 kids).  Needs a part from the dealer so will be a few days and the guy didn't even want Robby driving it home (he did).  
  • Anyway, so the plan tomorrow is for Robby to stay home and keep the girls, while I shuttle Reagan to school and the boys to the pumpkin patch in his car.  Craziness but it will all work-we might just get Grandpa's truck and throw everyone in the back.  We wouldn't even have to mess with seatbelts then.
  • Back at home there was no rest for the weary-Graham and Campbell had taken their naps in the car.  So I kept everyone busy-cleaning the house.  They scrubbed baseboards, cleaned sinks, swept-don't be too impressed but Robby did mention that the house was clean when he came home.  
  • Keaton is my night owl-she sleeps so much during the day and is wide awake (usually happy) at night.  I do hate it because during the day her eyes will be so big and I will go to get my camera and by the time I make it back she is fussing or asleep.  Almost a month old-my time flies.
  • The kids colored for a bit, watched a movie, had supper and before long Robby was home and it was time for bed.  They were pretty wound up and when I went to encourage them to be quiet I asked "who wants to sleep in the closet?"  One hand shot up-Reagan's.  She was the only one who was trying to go to sleep and not talking/screaming.  
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