October 5, 2011

Time is going fast...
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

(click here for a quick video of Keaton)
  • I didn't think that we went to bed too late last night but by the time Keaton had eaten before I laid down it was nearly 1, so I was sure not ready for her to wake up at 4.  I fed her the entire bottle (actually she sucked it down) and even though I knew she might could eat more, I put her back in bed.  Needless to say, that didn't work and she had to have another bottle shortly thereafter.
  • I was in the bathroom this morning and heard Campbell calling us so I headed up the stairs and before I made it to the top, Robby was right behind  me going to get her as well.  That is how dark it is in our bedroom, he had no idea that I was not in the bed. 
  • We did school this morning but it will take awhile to get into the routine of doing it here with everyone around.  Afternoons would be better but I needed a nap this afternoon so the morning was when we did it.  It probably added to the excitement this morning because a plumber was here adding a garbage disposal, replacing a hot water heater and fixing a slow drain in the bath tub.  So the kids had lots to watch.  We had finished school, Campbell was taking a nap and the big 3 were watching a movie so Keaton and I snuggled up in the chair and snoozed away
  • People keeping asking if Campbell loves Keaton and yes, she does.  She loves her so much that she thought she needed to be in the kitchen with the rest of us today.  Robby walked in as Campbell had picked up her sister and was hauling her to the kitchen.  Where was their mother?
  • A pretty uneventful afternoon and then it was time for supper and Awanas.  Reagan was disappointed that her team didn't win any "bucks" since tonight was "double buck night" but don't they get bucks for saying their verses or other things as well?  The boys were so proud of the flowers that they had made tonight and Campbell was so excited to see her brothers after Cubbies-because she knew that the cups in their hands contained their leftover snacks.
  • Oh, this afternoon Robby went up the stairs to get Campbell and Graham up from their naps.  He woke Graham up and then went to find Campbell not in her bed.  He found her downstairs with me-he asked me if I had gotten her and then asked Reagan and Anderson.  No, we later discovered that she had climbed out by herself-oh, my!  So tonight she is sleeping in her crib with the rest of the gang and surprisingly they all went to bed very, very well!

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