October 1, 2011

Going to need some overalls
out here in the country!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Okay, okay, I know, I put Campbell's name where Keaton's name went yesterday.  Yes, I can't remember that babies name at all-having k & c names right in a row was probably not a good idea.  But if you remember, poor Campbell we called her a he/him for the longest because that is what we were used to and she survived.  I will proof read tonight.
  • Keaton did well last night again-she woke up at 1:30 to eat and then I put her to bed wide awake and she was probably awake until she fussed again at 2:30.  After eating then she slept until I heard Robby with a bottle.  I guess it was a good thing that it was 7 and Keaton had slept the rest of the night but then again, I was disappointed that it was 7 and the day was starting.  
  • The kids woke up and were ready for the day.  We all did just sit in the floor of our bedroom for awhile watching Keaton eat.  The 7 of us could never have set in the floor of our Gamble house-we are just so happy to be at our new house.
  • It didn't take too long for everyone to have on clothes and head outside.  At least by 9:30 they were all out there and at least by 10 everyone was filthy.  It doesn't help that we have a patch of sand that they have decided is a perfect sand box (that is not even the huge pile of sand that we are constantly reminding them to stay away from).
  • The boys were pretty good helpers today-pretty good leaf rakers for such little guys.  The neighbor was over and she played all of the day outside with the kids.  Campbell can keep up with everyone and was just as filthy as the rest of them
  • I took Keaton outside to drink a bottle while Robby had run to the grocery store-it was warm and cozy in the sun and we both fell asleep.  She dozed on for quite awhile but did wake up to see Grannymom and Grandpa for a bit.  Soon we had hot dogs for lunch (Robby was so happy that his grill still worked after a few years of not using it that we had to use it today).  
  • Robby listened to the game (no tv, remember?) while he raked leaves and the kids played.  After Graham hit Anderson in the head with a garden hoe, it was naptime for them all.  Graham and Campbell went to sleep and Anderson watched a movie on the couch.
  • Reagan loaded up for Bella's birthday party and Keaton was excited to go on her first outing.  The party was at the park and it was pleasant out (and probably a bit chilly for Keaton but she stayed in her carrier warm and snug).  She was quite the hit with the other adults since she is so tiny.  
  • Back at home, everyone was just waking up and they headed back out for more playtime.  Soon Nonna and Pops came over and Pops brought his truck to help haul Robby's zillion bags of leaves to the big dumpster.  Everyone had a tractor turn and then it was quick showers for all of the Dennie kids.  They were not in the mood for showers and all wanted baths but we got it done and everyone was clean and fairly calm for supper.
  • We had the exact same supper as we had for lunch and it still must have been good because we all gobbled it down.  After supper, Nonna read the kids a book and they all headed to bed while Keaton slept in the bouncy (best baby present we ever received).  Hopefully she will have some milk soon and stay awake for awhile so she will sleep good again tonight.

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