October 8, 2011

Dance Party for Noah!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • A fairly restful night around here and pretty early this morning Robby headed off to move our fridge and freezer from the Gamble house to Jason's garage.  
  • When Robby made it back, we all loaded up again and Robby and Campbell help put the trailer up.  And I took Anderson, Graham, Reagan and Keaton to Dana's to help with the garage sale.  Reagan had her purse filled with her  money and had told the boys that she would buy them both one thing.  The boys picked out soccer balls and Reagan found 2 stuffed animals as well as a necklace and then I had her buy a jar for me.  She spent a total of 1 dollar though Grannymom slipped the money back to me.  Reagan was as happy as she could be spending her money.  
  • Robby took all but Keaton back home and they had lunch and watched a Phineas and Ferb-that was their first time to see it since we have moved in.  I believe that they were in withdrawals.  After lunch they headed outside to play and it does not take long for them to become filthy.  Especially Campbell, all she does is sit in the sand and play.  Anderson got out the sand buckets today and Campbell ran as fast as she could to take them away from him
  • We kept the kids outside until Lilly, Cash and their friend Meredith came over.  They all played and enjoyed walking on the short trail that Robby created in the woods today with his weed eater and mower.  The kids thought they were something walking on the trail-though Robby had ulterior motives-dumping our leaves at the end (shhh)
  • Soon Reagan went with the Dana and the girls to play at their house and Cash stayed with us.  It was time for us to come in so we hosed the boys off outside and then put dry clothes on them.  Campbell was too dirty for just the hose so she ended up taking a quick shower with Robby.  After we were all clean, Keaton was the next one to get a bath-she didn't get a hose down but a quick wash up in the kitchen sink. 
  • Keaton was still in her towel when the Hugheys came over to see the house and bring over supper.  As soon as they left, we loaded up for Noah's birthday party.  But first, I scooped me up a huge helping of LouAnne's chicken pot pie and it was delicious.  I could eat some more now actually but since it is midnight, I probably shouldn't.
  • We dropped off Cash and picked up Reagan and then made it to Noah's for his 6th birthday party.  It was a dance party and the garage had been turned into a night club-there was a black light and a stobe light and the kids ate it up.  Anderson even won one of the games-though he had a unique strategy.  It was like musical chairs but with pieces of paper and Anderson never left his paper so he always ended up on one when the music stopped.  Pretty good at playing the system!  They all got into the dancing-even Campbell and Graham.  It was all quite entertaining.
  • We heard this from Reagan today "I wish we had television back."-probably means that we don't need satellite or cable tv anymore
  • We also heard this from Anderson "It has been so long since we have been to a restaurant, maybe we can go back soon."-probably means that we were going to restaurants too often.

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