October 28, 2011

Fun times at GSFest!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Keaton ate twice in the middle of the night-or maybe i t was just once.  I am not really sure-there were 2 bottles in the bedroom this morning so it must have been twice.  And it seemed like everyone else woke up in a bad mood.  Anderson could be heard throughout the house yelling and growling at somebody.  Reagan was crying because someone hurt her and I am sure that Graham was doing something but I just can't remember.
  • They did calm down for a few minutes at breakfast and even listened to a story or two.  But right after breakfast, things were crazy again.  Though, my Campbell stayed right beside me most of the day long.  When the others went upstairs after breakfast, she stayed and got the broom out to help me sweep up.  Then I went upstairs to take a shower (further away from Keaton so she could sleep in peace) and Campbell followed me up there too.  Then she said "momma?' and I looked out and she already had her shirt out and was getting in with me. 
  • Next up, most everyone put on their clothes and we started school.  It was just one of those mornings-pretty horrible.  Graham could not obey and Anderson was just a bit defiant.  Campbell just wanted markers and to sit in my lap (or sit on top of Keaton).  Though Reagan did finish her real work but we didn't get through our memory work-I just couldn't take any more.  It did get better later in the day though.
  • Robby came home for a quick lunch and then I headed out to take the kids to Nonna and Pops house.  I had to run to work for a bit and of course I was there longer than I had planned on (nothing can be easy!) but even after picking the kids up, Campbell had a decent nap and the others rested for a bit.  Graham's mood changed and he sat with me while I worked on next weeks school.  He just talked and talked.
  • Before too long, we were loading up again for GSFest.  The kids were uber excited and the kids really enjoyed the rides-the jalopy cars, motorcycles, jeeps, roller coaster, house of mirrors (though Campbell did walk right into a mirror) and the fun house.  Reagan loved the fun house, Anderson's favorite was probably the roller coaster and Campbell and Graham both like the jeeps which went really fast.  
  • Robby stayed to work the next shift but we were home a little after 8.  They all had something to drink and a piece of candy before heading to bed.  Graham's bed must have been really cold because he climbed out 3 times telling me how cold it was.  I tried to explain to him that if he would stay in it would warm up and I guess that it did because he was fast asleep pretty soon.

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