October 25, 2011

Is anyone going to get me?
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • As Robby was getting dressed for work this morning, Anderson asked him why his underwear was white and then he asked him if he did not like cartoon characters.
  • Robby took the boys to school while Reagan did school, Campbell colored and Keaton slept and ate.  After our school here, I cleaned and then we went to pick up the boys.  I could see Graham waiting on me and I could tell he was wearing shorts and since I didn't sent him in shorts, I just had a feeling of dread.  But he was the first down the slide today and dried it off with his pants so he changed into his spare clothes.  I didn't need that feeling of dread until later in the afternoon and he started with the same bathroom issues that Campbell has been having (nothing major through and never slowed him down).
  • Against my better judgement we stopped at the library on the way home.  The kids were pretty good and I am sure I am paranoid feeling that every noise echos. But they love picking out books and especially a movie if they have been good.  Of course, we had to change Campbell before and after in the car and Keaton needed a diaper as well but I thought it best to press on and get home despite her screaming the entire way home.  
  • After lunch and a zillion stories, it was time for Keaton and Campbell's naps.  And this meant "school" time for the boys.  The main goal of their school time is for Anderson to work on his reading book and Graham to learn his letters.  But of course, this all has to be done with fun things for everyone.  Graham didn't last too long today and soon disappeared.  It was at least an hour, when I finally thought about checking on him and figured that he was asleep somewhere upstairs.  I peeked in the toy room and saw him lining up his cars on the train tracks playing happily-and I quickly hustled back down the stairs.
  • The conversation this afternoon was: Anderson-Mom, you are going to die first. Me-thank you. Reagan-No, Daddy will he is the oldest.  And then Graham, with this very worried look, asks me, "Daddy is going to die?" They are such confidence builders!
  • A movie and then soon it was supper.  Reagan and Anderson were working on a craft project when Robby arrived home from work and I was quite surprised since I thought it was 4:30 and not 5:30-pretty scary that I lost an hour of the day.  
  • I had bunko tonight so the kids watched a movie and soon Graham was ready to go to bed.  Campbell followed soon after and they were sound asleep when Reagan and Anderson went to bed.
  • Oh, I almost forgot about Robby and my antics last night.  So we decided to finally hang some pictures.  No, he can't use nails yet (still not over that phobia of punching a hole in these walls) so we are using the sticky hooks you see on tv commercials.  Anyway, as Robby was holding a picture up on the fireplace, he leaned it back and it didn't lean like he thought it would-and down it came crashing on his head.  Glass everywhere-thankfully, he has a very hard head and was alright.  After we had that cleaned up and the pictures hung, we had another piece of glass from a different picture laying on the floor.  That is never a good place for glass to be and even though we knew where it was-Robby's foot met that glass.  So we had to pull that vacuum out again.  We probably won't win picture hanging people of the year.

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