October 29, 2011

Bobbing for apples!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Graham's tummy hasn't been too settled lately so it woke him up at 3 and that was about the same time that Keaton was eating.  Soon Graham was tucked back in bed and Keaton was snug in her bouncy.  And in just a few minutes, Graham was right there beside me-he climbed in and we all slept until we heard Campbell stirring on the monitor.
  • Robby went upstairs and him and Campbell laid in Graham's bed for quite awhile until Anderson decided to get up.  Campbell and Anderson ended up with Graham and I and they laid quietly with me for awhile.  Before they got too crazy, I served up breakfast and read a few stories.  During the middle of the first story, Reagan appeared and was quite proud that she had slept the longest.
  • We were pretty lazy most of the morning long.  Graham and then Campbell had baths and then they all played  happily upstairs.  I did have them working hard as well-they helped me empty the pantry since I was reorganizing it. Campbell just spent her time finding things that she wanted to eat.  Keaton tried out her swing for the first time and she liked it a bit but wasn't overly impressed.  
  • After I finished the pantry, everyone helped me make ghost pretzels during lunch.  We had sandwiches and between bites, they each were able to make a few pretzels.  And then after more playing, they helped me make the faces on some of the pretzels.
  • Soon Campbell had a nap, Graham fell asleep watching a movie, Keaton was taking a nap as well and Anderson and Reagan were watching a movie.  Robby and I used that time to straighten the sheds and walk around imagining where our driveway will go.
  • Before too long, Nonna and Pops were knocking on the door with their friends.  Nonna and Pops thought they were going to have to keep Keaton tonight but instead there long time friends from Texas and Rogers were coming to see them.  I just love a surprise.  We showed them all around the house (and even though I had thought they might end up here, I sure didn't try to clean up any).  
  • We then went down the road for a Halloween party.  We started with cooking our hot dogs over the fire-the kids were not impressed with the hot dog business.  And after a bit of playing inside, it was time for games.  Reagan was all into the games and even found a friend to buddy up with.
  • The highlight of the games were when everyone had partners and then wrapped one of them in toilet paper.  Graham was a wrapp-e and he was as still as he could and probably had no idea what we was going on except that it was a game.  Reagan and her friend did pretty good and probably would have been second had everyone continued
  • There was a ring toss game and a throw the ball in the bucket game.  Campbell isn't going to be left out of anything and was in the line ready to play.  She would just throw the ring and bean bag on the floor and the other kids would "oh" or giggle and she would just look up and grin.  She is going to be my comedian.  
  • And then there was bobbing for apples.  I offered to hold Keaton inside so I didn't see all of this but I did step out to see Reagan bobbing.  Campbell was right there beside her, squatting down, trying to pull her head up and even trying to put her head in.  Anderson wisely passed on this game but soon it was Graham's turn-Campbell didn't help lift his head up-when she had the chance she just shoved his head down in the water.
  • They even had a hay ride and Reagan ended up riding on it twice,  She didn't even mind the scary man jumping out at them.  When Anderson got off the ride he was shouting "that was awesome."  I thought Graham would agree but he just shook his head-he didn't like the man jumping out.  Campbell didn't take part in this one but did set on the step waiting on everyone to come back.
  • After making smores it was time to come home.  The kids had had a blast and couldn't wait to get into bed.  We can't either-3 will come early in the morning

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