October 30, 2011

What you looking at?
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Most of the kids had on something new to us (new, loaned or pulled out from last season) today so getting everyone ready was pretty easy.  Anderson was very proud of his yellow sweater vest, Reagan and Campbell had on new dresses and Reagan even wore her boots.  And Graham didn't much care about his clothes, he was just tickled that he was getting to go to big church to see Pops.
  • Today was Pops retirement recognition and I had told the kids that Pops would be on the stage.  So the van discussion this morning was if Pops would be singing on the stage.  They were all pretty excited to see him on the stage and did well during the service.  We even stayed to watch the second service but we did move towards the back with Nonna.  Anderson was a disappointed that he wasn't going to Sunday school because he said he would miss snack.
  • Sitting in church before it started, Anderson asked me to help him think of things for his Christmas list.  He said that he already had a bb gun on his list and I quickly reminded him that you have to be 8 for that and someone from the pew in front of us added that she thought you needed to be 12 and we should check the internet.  He just suggested that he get it this year and I hide it and give it to him when he is 8-goodness.
  • No one starved though, after picking up the little girls we headed to Cracker Barrel to meet Nonna, Pops, Jason and  Nonna and Pops' friends that had come in for the day.  After lunch, we went to see Grannymom and Grandpa who had been out of town all week.  The kids were pretty excited to see them and when we left, Grannymom passed out a treat.  Graham picked gum and managed to chew it without swallowing it until we made it to Lawson-that is a record for him.  Ha!
  • When we made it home, Keaton was sleeping still in her car seat.  Campbell went to sleep in the car and was moved to her bed.  And Reagan, Anderson and Graham ran upstairs and started playing-well, we took this as a chance to take a nap.  It didn't take too long for them to come downstairs and ask for a movie and then later a snack but overall, it was a pretty nice nap for us.  
  • We had supper and then a piece of candy for dessert.  Since it was near bedtime, the watched one last movie before bed.  A few minutes after we tucked them in, we heard footsteps.  Graham was out of bed running around the room, Reagan was standing in the middle trying to get him back into bed (she's a little mother) and Campbell was jumping on her bed. 
  • It is all quiet now upstairs but we just remembered that we forgot to carve our pumpkin tonight--shhh, maybe no one will remember.  

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