October 11, 2011

Already a baby feeding pro!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Today was Robby's first real day back at work so he took the boys to school.  While us girls, headed to school in the school room.  I was a bit concerned about doing school with Campbell around and not the boys to entertain her but I gave her some rocks to play with and she played with them the entire time-in and out of different cups and bowls.  Now, what am I going to pull out for her tomorrow.
  • Nonna and Pops surprised us for a visit today-actually that had called but since I just had on my pajamas pants, my phone wasn't in my pocket.  Oh, yes, I can no longer take a shower since Robby is back at work.  I can't trust Campbell to be anywhere near Keaton.  Though I do think that Campbell is being a bit more gentle with her lately.  Campbell was so excited to see Pops and Keaton was pretty pleased that Nonna fed her her bottle.  Speaking of Keaton, she has been off of her normal feeding schedule today.  The girl has been wanting to eat all of the time which is fine but goodness.  Maybe that means she will sleep really well tonight-though only waking at 4 last night is considered really well
  • Quite an exciting day at school for the boys-Graham's class saw an alligator and both of them had a fire drill.  Anderson has been pretty fire leery since watching that video at school a few weeks ago so I am sure the fire drill helped none.  Last night, he asked Robby and me about the fire outside wanting to make sure that it was all out.  We should have really showed him what we were doing when we were spraying them out.
  • Robby brought the boys home from school so we had lunch and then did our calendar around the kitchen table.  After that Campbell took a nap and since Graham still wanted to do school, I gave everyone 5 choices of things to do and they had to pick 4.  Reagan was excited to not have "real" work to do though I still snuck in some "real" work on her-shhh!  Then they all played with Reagan's math blocks for a bit.
  • Graham laid down in my bed and soon got up to find the others watching a movie so he joined them.  Keaton was eating so I snoozed a bit.  Before long, Robby was at the back door with pizza and we were eating supper.
  • Then it was time for us to head outside and do what most people do at 6 at night-cut down a tree.  Yep, why not.  It did take a while to get the chain saw started and did involve standing on the roof of the shed but the tree is gone-well, we still need another evening to finish cleaning up around the stump but we did move most of it to the burn pile-the other day, I said that I never thought I would have a shed (much less 2) and today I am saying that I never thought I would have a burn pile.  Wonder how long we are going to enjoy working in the yard?  Hopefully awhile-the kids love being outside-and I just try to look away when they are standing on the top of the dirt pile with their bicycle (it went down without a rider).  
  • Robby showered Campbell off during his shower and I showered the other 3 off and as soon as we got busy doing all of this, Keaton decided that she wanted to eat so she fussed.  Next, they had snacks before bed and all are tucked in bed now-Anderson is the only one I hear on the monitor and he has had a cough at night time lately

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