October 3, 2011

First Visit to
Dr. Martin for Keaton!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • To be honest, I don't even remember when Keaton ate last night.  I do remember that it was twice and she is so wide awake in the middle of the night...and I am not!  The first thing that I am sure of this morning was Graham coming all the way downstairs and into our room without calling us.  It is pretty dark in our house even at 7 and I was surprised that he ventured that far
  • Anderson went to his class and then we saw Pops briefly in the hall way. And then we studied the Sparks store and discussed saving our money or spending it on something else (really hopes she saves her sparks money and doesn't blow it on a pencil...but whatever is fine).  On the way to school, Reagan said that she didn't like staying after lunch at school-she knew she was going to miss out on the rest of our day-though it wasn't too exciting.
  • Nonna picked Anderson up from school and we finished up around here.  We did get a few things done and Jennifer dropped of a delicious meal and we will eat it tomorrow.  Graham even went with Robby to the Gamble house to watch the heater man, talk to Grandpa and even see Scott.  Graham enjoyed all of the activity and even climbed up in a tree and hung out for awhile.
  • Next up, I picked up Anderson from Nonna's house and we headed to see Dr. Martin for Keaton's one week check up.  Martin said that Keaton looked perfect and her weight today was 8 pounds 2 ounces down from her 8 pounds 11 ounce birth weight but that was all fine.  I then asked her to check Graham's ears (she had said that she would) and they were clear.  And then I asked her to glance in Anderson's ears (I had tried to make an appointment for him with Keaton on Friday and they said call back Monday and I did and they said they were full) so she graciously did.  And that little guy has an ear infection in his ear-I knew that his ear had hurt and poor guy, he has complained about his ears every few days for weeks but has never been sickly-anyway, I am now nominated for the bad mom award.
  • And before we left the doctor, Campbell received her flu shot and Anderson had one too.  They couldn't have the mist because Campbell is under two and because Anderson has asthma.  They did fairly well and as soon as Campbell was put down after the shot, she started looking for her band aid.  Anderson was scared to death but was fairly brave-though Robby did have to practically hold him down.  But after juice boxes for everyone and a walk through Sams all was well.
  • We then ran to Sonic for happy hour and then to pick up Reagan.  Reagan talked the whole way home and I was so distracted that I missed my turn and had to go the long way home-my car still isn't used to the new way home.  Back at home, the kids ended up playing outside and watching Robby smush the trash in the dumpster.  Quite entertaining around here.
  • Before long, Laryn and Sarah Ashley came over to eat with us.  They had brought pizza and it was delicious along with a pizza cookie (she had a theme going), a baby outfit and Halloween hand towels.  The kids loved playing with them and Sarah Ashley was great at holding Keaton and entertaining the rest of the Dennie crew.
  • When they left, it was time for bed but first Reagan had to put on her ballet outfit and do a little dance for us.  This led to a performance by the boys followed by a dance by Campbell.  Campbell was just like Reagan and could have danced forever.

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