October 27, 2011

Graham's 1st Visit to the dentist!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • Tara's away at Bunko so for the early blog readers here's Robby's version:
  • Everyone slept until about 7:00 and then it was time for clothes, teeth and breakfast.  I took the boys to school - they wanted to drive around the church parking lot to see all the rides set up for GSFest but we were already running late.
  • Reagan and Tara did school and Campbell played with candy corn and ate most of it
  • After home school, Tara loaded up all the girls and headed to Nonna's to drop off Keaton and Campbell.  She and Reagan headed to the boys' school for fall parties - games & cupcakes!
  • Then it was dentist time - Graham's first visit to the dentist (he handled like a pro and volunteered to go first); while Reagan & Anderson followed soon afterwards
  • Back to Nonna's for lunch and a bit of time to play before loading everyone up to head to the hospital to see Beebee. Pops went with us and then we saw Papaw Brock and Hank along with Beebee.
  • Next up was heading to Robby's work where he met us for their annual PumpkinPalooza - more candy than our kids ever need, games, very tart limeades and then a quick visit to Robby's office so Keaton could eat and stretch her legs.
  • We headed to Arby's for supper since we had a bit of time before the library's storytime candy walk - they had various storybook characters dressing up and handing out candy.
  • Tara left for Bunko and Robby headed home with the crew.  Everyone wanted one more goodie from their bag - what's more piece of candy after about 20?  Milk, teeth and then it was bedtime and Robby was worn out -- but that meant it was time for Keaton to wake up for a bottle. She stayed up for awhile watching the news with Robby but she was soon asleep.

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