October 19, 2011

She's a grinner!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Keaton finished her bottle around 12:45ish, Anderson had a bloody nose at 3ish, Keaton ate again at 4 and then Graham was up at 6:30 because he had "wet his bed" (but just his pull up was wet and not his bed).  Though with all of that we still managed to all stay (semi) in bed until almost 8
  • Robby headed off to work and the rest of us ate breakfast and put on our clothes.  We have bought pancakes from Sams and they have been quite the hit but unfortunately, I couldn't find any more in the freezer today.  So they had to settle with waffles and cereal.  Don't feel too sorry for everyone since they love the waffles or maybe it is the syrup.  We need to get back to making real waffles on Saturdays or maybe for supper one day each week.  
  • Before we left, we did have time for Reagan to do a little bit of work and then I read a story to everyone before all getting in the car to meet Robby.  I hadn't planned my time too well and was cutting it very close to get the kids to McDonalds and then to my doctor's appointment by 10.  But Robby had cut it closer and was just leaving as I was nearing WLR.  We had to meet at the Doctor's parking lot and switched cars.
  • Robby took the kids to McDonalds and they all played for quite awhile.  Until Reagan told Robby that Campbell was poopy.  He probably wasn't in too much of a hurry to change her until Reagan added "and she has it on her hands and is wiping it on her shirt."  Well, that sent Robby and all 5 kids to men's room to change a dirty diaper.  Just imagine the scene-someone using the stall, a poopy Campbell with no changing table, 4 other kids probably touching everything-oh, to have been a fly on that wall!
  • I made it back to McDonalds even after waiting for awhile for my appointment and then a few more minutes to get my flu shot.  By now the kids were eating and Robby was concerned that I had forgotten to give them breakfast since they had each eaten 5 nuggets-usually, we have to plead with them to eat 2 each.  Next Keaton ate and then we loaded up and got in the car.  Reagan and Anderson's seat belts have been contrary lately so I not only have to get back there to buckle Campbell up but also buckle up one of them.  That means I have to buckle up 4 kiddos before we can hit the road.
  • We made it home and Campbell was asleep.  She finished her nap in bed while we did school.  Before long the boys were wrestling so they were banished to my room so Reagan could finish her math and phonics in peace.  Next up was a little cupcake making.  Reagan is very good at cracking eggs but Anderson doesn't want to try at all-he doesn't want to get dirty.  Graham has a unique egg cracking technique-smash the egg on the side of the bowl and then throw it all in the bowl.  Don't worry, the cupcakes will only be slightly crunchy!!
  • Everyone then had jobs-Reagan fed Keaton, Graham dusted while Anderson was my "listener"-probably "runner" would have been a better word for his job-"get the bag" "put this up" "push the chair up"-he did pretty good at listening until I found him trying to take Graham's duster away-guess he was ready to change jobs.
  • After they helped with laundry, we woke Campbell up and had supper.  Before long we were headed to Awanas and Reagan was reviewing her verses in the car-I am afraid that she gets too worried about saying her verses correctly.  But she did get a jewel for her wings tonight and was very pleased.
  • The boys had a good time-especially because of snack.  Keaton stayed with up and Campbell went to her class. When Robby picked her up, I knelt down between her and Keaton and outstretched my arms to greet her...and just as I expected, she ran right passed me shouting "baby, baby"

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